Pre-compilation of Pages in Sitefinity: How it Works and its Implementation



Sitefinity has a custom command line tool for precompiling pages.

Sitefinity Version: V 7.3 or Above

Pre-compilation of pages gives the following advantages:

  1. Pages load faster when requested for the first time
  2. Reduces processor load
  3. Minimizes the warm up time when a site is deployed.

How it Works

When a web page is requested, Sitefinity checks the page from the precompiled assembly. If the page is found in the assembly and its version matches with the requested page in the assembly, then the page from the assembly is loaded.

If no matching is found, then the page is compiled dynamically.

The tool uses a URL to connect to the site. It is always recommended to run the tool against the site with most up-to-date database and the application directory of the web application having the most up-to-date templates, user controls, master-pages stored on the file system including the most up-to-date compiled assemblies.

Generally, we use two servers for the development of websites. Staging server and Live server. Therefore, as mentioned above, it is always recommended that the tool should be executed in the live environment, as a live site is always with the most recent database and the latest files.

How to Implement

In the first step, you need to download and run the Sitefinity precompiler tool

The tool is Telerik.Sitefinity.Compiler.exe


The Pre-compiler tool supports two types of Authentication:

1- Authenticate with a Username and Password with Membership Provider.

For this, the user must be an administrator.

Command Line Example

Telerik.Sitefinity.Compiler.exe /url=”http:// http://localhost:51824/” /appdir=”D:\Projects\SitefinityWebApp” /username=”sfadminuname” /password=”admin@6yyg2″ /strategy=”Frontend” /membershipprovider=”Default”


URL -> URL of the web application

Appdir -> Physical path of the web application

Username -> Username to authenticate i.e. login username

Password -> Password to login

2- Authenticate with an Authentication Key.

For this, you must have to set the authentication key by logging in Sitefinity backend.

Administration – Settings – Advanced – Pages – Compilation and Set the key in the Authentication key field.

Command Line Example

Telerik.Sitefinity.Compiler.exe /url=”http://localhost: 51824″ /appdir=”D:\Projects\SitefinityWebApp” /authKey=”6%6$#7777u{9u~]k3M3Q” /strategy=”Frontend”

As we all know, compilation is always a time taking task in Sitefinity. So, we must identify the problematic pages or user controls. For this Sitefinity has a feature “precompilation logging to trace the same. You only have to enable the feature, which is disable by default.


Sitefinity Compilation


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