Reach the Market Quicker with React Native Applications

Reach the Market Quicker with React Native Applications

Businesses that are looking to make a presence on mobile have a goal of reaching out to the masses at low development cost and faster time to market. Businesses usually have to compromise a thing or the other and if they plan to go with the low cost, then they obviously have to compromise on their quality.

Choosing the right technology for your business is crucial and the decision is harder if you have plans to address both the Android and iOS. Fortunately, we have React Native as a cross platform framework, which can help you to address both the mobile OS with a single solution.

Mobile app developers were looking for a tool that could easily combine the power of mobile app with the power and agility of the native environment and React Native framework which makes utilization of the UI blocks develop feature rich application on the common codebase from JavaScript. It allows the developers to reuse the codes and also execute its implementation in real time.

How React Native Apps Help Startups Reach the Market Faster?

There are various reasons that help to make the approach to react native application more justified. Apps built with react native helps the applications to reach the peak and make the whole approach easier and quicker. It helps the platform to incorporate any third party plugins or API that includes the maps and payment separately.

React native web app or mobile app are using the best of the framework to help developing communities attain better results and aims to reach higher goals easily. The overall efficiency of reaching out to the potential audience has become faster and also attractive because of the dynamic approach. Since it can easily be combined with the native code, it lets the user have any requirement to boost the functioning of the application.


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If you create a React Native app, it also serves you as a very beneficial tool for marketing, promotion and also helps in organizing sales channels for any business verticals. Most cross platform applications are useful and provide the maximum reach. The greatest benefit is of creating a single application that can help to address both the OS.

React native is also beneficial as it helps with several other dynamics that are aimed towards enhancing the overall performance of the application. Besides helping the organization to reach the market faster, it also helps to take a different approach which offers enhanced user experience for better and faster services.

Some Major Businesses Considering React Native Mobile App:

Facebook and React Native:

Hackathon was that project that was started by both the platforms and considering the requirements, Facebook turned towards targeting the advantages of the web development of the project. React native was used to develop an application for both Android and iOS applications and similar features for the Facebook event dashboard was also developed by the same.

Skype and React Native:

Skype also declared the homecoming of their application in 2017 and it was the efficiency of React Native which was the main reason why Microsoft chose it to develop mobile application which included the windows as well as desktop applications. App built with react native help provide new and better features and layouts for its users.

Instagram and React Native: 

Instagram integrated the react native application into their existing application and push notification got modified from the web view to notification view. Besides these significant platforms, there are several other subsidiary platforms that can benefit from this development framework.

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