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Reasons Why Enterprise Prefer to Use Laravel PHP Framework for Web Applications

A PHP framework allows the developers to create web applications that are sophisticated and rich in features. There are many frameworks available and Laravel development is considered to be one of the best PHP frameworks among the developers where they have to build complex PHP web projects. With its feature rich in built tools and other useful resources, the framework can easily reduce the processing cycles and also make the time shorter.  It helps to make all the development works creative and classy for the PHP web developers.

Laravel framework is the most starred PHP framework on Github and more than 35,000 developers all over the globe. It is a highly appreciated and robust platform that can be used by the founders or startups as it helps to present their business ideas clearly via their web application.


Reasons Why Enterprise Prefers to Choose Laravel Development Services for their Web Application Development:

Authorization and Authentication:

Laravel development companies often assure their clients of highly secured authentication and authorization. Business owners need to be assured of authorized user access to the secured resources.  Laravel facilitates simple implementation of authorization as almost everything is configured out of the box.  It also offers a basic method that sorts out the authorization logic and access control that are well organized and very easy to manage.


Easy fixing of most common technical vulnerabilities:

Security is one of the most important concerns of all the business owners and the vulnerabilities go hand in hand with the development of any application. The OWASP foundation has described the most critical web application vulnerabilities as cross site request forgery, SQL injection, cross site scripting and etc. Laravel helps to secure any web application by protecting it against any serious security issues as the codebase is highly guarded and that the code has also been vetted by several people.


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Model view control structure:

Laravel web development works on the Model View Control structure and this helps to create a higher quality presentation of the PHP projects. The structure has enhanced ability of application logic, clarity that allows the developers to create better codes and also documentation using the framework. This is a major reason for the increased demand for hiring Laravel experts for many PHP projects. It helps to make the development process faster and this helps to accelerate the revenue from the results.


Automation of the testing work:

Testing and verifying the application before its launch is very important as it helps the developers to be sure that the software will perform without any errors and in accordance with the initial application requirements. Automated testing helps to make the process faster and in many cases it generates exact results than manual testing.

Laravel development is built keeping the testing in mind and it supports for testing with PHPUnit and is included out of the box. The framework also offers convenient methods allowing for expressive testing of the applications, it also offers easy ways for stimulating the basic behavior of the users.


Inbuilt libraries:

Laravel framework often facilitates the users with best, dynamic and pre-installed libraries which include Object Oriented libraries that cannot be found in any other PHP frameworks. Besides offering hassle free implementation, it also offers varied features like the watchword reset, CSRF insurance, checking of dynamic clients and encryption.

To conclude, it can be said that Laravel development is one of the strongest PHP frameworks because it includes features that are needed to create modern web applications.


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