Use CDN for WordPress Site

Reasons Why You Should Use A CDN for Your WordPress Site

We all know that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and,

has powered about 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites on the web.  In the past few years, the market share has grown steadily from 29.9% to 33.4% now.

Today, the market competition is very high and the visitors demand speed.  So it is very important for your WordPress site to load fast so that visitors do not move away from it.  Since page loading time also affects conversions, most business owners are now choosing to host their site on the content delivery network or the CDN for various reasons.

Here in this blog, I will share with you some of the major benefits of using a CDN for your WordPress website.

What is CDN?

It is a system of interconnected servers that store the components of a website like the JavaScript and CSS files, static content or any images. The servers are distributed across the world and serve the users depending on their geographic location.

When the user makes a request to access any page of the website, the resources that are stored on the CDN will be offered by the server that is nearest to the user’s location. Since the content has to travel the shortest distance, it boosts the speed of the site and offers optimum performance.

The Benefits of Using CDN for Your WordPress Website:

High Speed:  Since most of the web page’s load time is due to accessing and downloading the static components, using CDN helps to boost the performance of the site as the static content is served from a server node that is closest to the requesting user.

Using WordPress CDN helps to magically enhance the website speed and boosts the performance of the site. This benefit is worth the investment.


Did you know: A one second delay in page response can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.


Your Website is Safer with CDN: 

Another reason of using CDN for your WordPress website is security. Since your site is constantly under the deluge of cyber-attacks, if you neglect your security efforts slightly, then you will soon suffer the consequences. Most CDNs can identify and also block the bad bots, thereby making your WP site safer when it is plugged into a CDN.


Did You Know: Using a CDN will help you to reduce the bounce rate of your site and increase your page views.


Improved Website Uptime:

 A CDN helps to reduce the load on the host and this results in maintaining a consistent speed. When all the WordPress site’s resources are housed on the private server, the speed may become inconsistent during high traffic periods and at times it can break down completely due to added loads.

But when your site is connected to a CDN, the traffic spikes can be handled smoothly since the network is highly optimized to handle huge traffic with efficiency.

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Caching also helps to minimize the problems that result from traffic spikes and most WordPress hosting services optimize the servers using caching so that adding a CDN improves the condition.

High Data Integrity: 

If you want to remain competitive in the market the you will always use the latest tools to offer your web content.

Constant updates of your web assets are a great means to do this and CDN helps to preserve the data integrity whenever any changes are made to the assets and the changes are instantly mirrored across multiple servers on the network. And this preserves both data integrity and consistency.


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  • I use Cloudflare as a CDN. Not much but it helps me increase my website’s speed by much higher percentage than without CDN.
    Thank you for sharing.

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