Resolve Website Application Errors Quickly With 24X7 Monitoring Services

Resolve Website Application Errors Quickly With 24X7 Monitoring Services

Today, numerous companies are using the internet as their chief business platform and this has in fact increased at an exponential rate in the past few years. Business websites have gone far beyond the capabilities of offering information to the customers. The sites are used as great platforms to purchase various products and avail services. So, keeping an eye on simple metrics like hits or page load speeds are not enough to offer a clear picture. These critical web applications need to be monitored constantly to ensure optimal performance as every minute a bug went unnoticed could mean a loss of huge money.

Major technical issues like web outages usually have a great impact on business performance, but there are also more subtle technical issues that can have a great impact despite every successful operation on the surface. A small coding error in your website application may prevent your customers from making a complete purchase, which may result to loss of revenues. Most of the technical and business issues are intertwined and so web monitoring may often be uncoordinated. It is important for business owners to plan out a proper 24X7 monitoring strategy for their site.

Here in this blog, I will discuss with you in details about website monitoring and its importance.

What is Website Monitoring?

Website monitoring can be defined as a strategy that uses a set of tools and processes to collect, diagnose and report the performance of websites and their environments. This constant monitoring helps to detect faults and send alerts so that organizations can have a cohesive view of how their sites are performing and how it is affecting their business. Website monitoring can be separated into two prime categories:

Business monitoring: This ensures that the business operations and processes are functioning the way they are expected to do in order to meet the business objectives. This is usually done by the marketers or analysts within business units.

Technical monitoring: This ensures that the site is up all the time and is running and performing well. Usually this is done by system engineers where they check the site at regular intervals to see the performance.

The Challenge Companies are Facing

Today, most businesses rely on websites as it is the major platform to reach the customers. Optimal functioning of the site is essential and slow response can hit business. Simply maintaining the uptime is not enough. Sites that involve multiple steps should ensure that each step in the applications load faster and responds faster. A study has revealed that two seconds is the average waiting time of shoppers for a web page to load and 40% of them won’t wait for more than three seconds before moving on to another site. Faster web pages often results in increased conversions and 24X7 monitoring services helps to maintain the sites.

Factors on Which the Response Time Depends:

Database problems: If the data is stored in the client database, then all the DB layers should perform in optimal conditions for the request to run smoothly. For this, in-depth analysis is required and a thorough monitoring solution can locate this.

Content issues: Many companies use Content Delivery Networks for faster delivery of their online content and these networks are a collection of web servers located in different areas. Network proximity decides the selection of server for delivering the content to the particular users. Hence, it is important to monitor the servers and this can only be done through 24X 7 website monitoring services.

An effective website monitoring program addresses the challenges discussed above by keeping a constant eye on their environments and the business they serve. It is done by capturing, relating and displaying relevant metrics that provides a big picture of the overall performance of the site.


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