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Ensuring Business Availability Anytime, Anywhere

Is your office server down? Are customers unable to find your website content or are you facing problems sending or receiving emails? If these are the questions you need to solve always, then it’s important to diagnose the problem and go for real time detection of errors.

Instead of waiting to notice that the system has failed, which often takes away your crucial time, a 24X7 monitoring can directly alert you to such problems that can be solved faster, thereby minimizing your business disruptions. Whenever a problem is detected, it sends an SMS alert or an email showing the specific nature of the issue.

What IDS Logic has to Offer?

Take control over downtime today and take immediate actions related to any performance problems without wasting your precious time!


24X7 Website Monitoring Service:

Organizations can ensure the effectiveness of their business website from multiple locations all over the globe and easily identify why the application is down or creating errors for the customers.

24X7 Server Monitoring Service:

Our expert server team helps you to monitor your Linux or Windows server and get notifications of any outages and track the performance. Increase critical server time and reduce the risk of losing revenues resulting from server downtime.

24X 7 Hosting Infrastructure Monitoring Service:

Maintaining hosting infrastructure is a crucial business priority. And we proactively safeguard your IT infrastructure by continuously monitoring alerts to identify issues and threats and address them in pre-defined response time.

Some Benefits of Availing Our Services

  • Get a wider view of your website or server performance and maximize the uptime
  • Have specific, informative alerts to know the exact nature of the issue
  • Reduce the high cost associated with maintaining in-house technical experts
  • Fix issues faster before they affect your business

For more information about our services, talk to our experts or send us your requirements and we will get back to you soon.

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