Sitefinity 10.0 Beta Announced: Know the Authentic Changes

In this competitive business world, marketers need to remain connected with multiple audiences and keep them updated about the latest information of their site. However, this is only possible if you can offer them personalized content that can build their interest and can keep them engaged.

Sitefinity is a CMS that is rich in features and functionalities that can be used to keep the site updated. The Sitefinity 10.0 beta version release has been announced and it has come up with many new updates that will help online marketers make improvements that are related to personalization and content segmentation.

Let’s take a look at the latest features of Sitefinity 10.0 beta version:

Sitefinity-10.0 Beta Announced

Authentication and Security

  • Open ID Connect Based User Authentication: This allows different types of clients that include web based, JavaScript and mobile clients to request and receive information about the end users and authenticated sessions. Some benefits include interoperability, flexibility, security, support of a wide range of devices and ease of deployment.
  • Third Party Integration: Integration with any third party identity providers will be added to the most popular types of authentication that include Windows authentication, Basic authentication, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.
  • Login by Email: The latest beta version of Sitefinity 10.0 now supports login with email. Now you don’t have to specify both email and username while registering in Sitefinity as a user. If in case the user has a registration with a username that is different from the email, then both of them will work for login.
  • Association of Sitefinity Roles and External Claims: The administrators can now map between external claims and Sitefinity roles for applying external role management of the new website users.
  • Roles and Permissions: Now managing permissions in multisite environments are easy with better functionality and user experience.
  • Site Shield: With the latest version, managers will be able to invite visitors to the secured site and even monitor when they access it and from what device.

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Performance and Scalability:

  • System Health Check Service: System administrators and developers can now use the Sitefinity health check API endpoint to check the current position of the site in terms of database access, internet connectivity, NLB communication and Redis access.
  • Cache Control: Separate cache profile for media items will be maintained and new UI screen for Cache control headers. Cached responses can be obtained to improve the overall performance for website pages.

  • Built-in Site Warmup: The Sitefinity Warmup tool compiles all the sitemap pages based on the sitemap priority and stores them so that they perform at their best when users visit the pages.
  • Diagnostics Module Improvements: Multiple improvements have been made in profiling capabilities and some of them include MVC widgets profiler, site re-initialization profiler, NLB requests tracking, SQL profiling without performance impact, data truncation for historical records and many more.

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  • SVG Images Support: Now content marketers can use SVG images for better website performance especially from mobile devices.
  • MVC Based Widget Tracking: Now all the MVC widgets will match the behavioral tracking capabilities of web forms.
  • Multisite Data Tracking: With Sitefinity 10.0, digital marketers can get data driven insights specific to the website or brand they manage.
  • Persona Scoring Improvements: This allows the marketers to score the visits of a website or a page and this reduces the model maintenance costs.
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  • Export and Import a ZIP File: Sitefinity CMS now allows the users to export and import content and structure to and from a .zip file.
  • Delete Add-Ons: Uninstalling add-ons are now easy as Sitefinity will automatically remove all structure, content and functionality of the add-on.
  • Export User Profiles: The user profile structure is now included in the export and import functionality, so new projects with same user profiling can take the advantage from previous structures.

So, if you are looking to upgrade to the latest version of Sitefinity, then our experts can help you with the task.

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  • Sitefinity is the most powerful CMS that allows enterprises to create dynamic, robust and fully editable websites. If you want to leverage your website, then choose Sitefinity development.

  • Sitefinity is very flexible in how you can setup your site and what you can customize. It’s a very powerful system with lots of options for plug-ins/integration. The page editing tools are robust and easy to use. The file management is easy to use as well.

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