Sitefinity: A Power Packed Platform for Your Ecommerce Website

Internet and technology have not changed what business does, but it definitely has changed how we do business. A great ecommerce website that is responsive and intuitive and at the same time offers relevant content to keep the audience engaged increases the traffic and sells more products or services.

Since there is immense competition and companies are investing more and more to expand and develop their online stores, it becomes important to choose a CMS and ecommerce platform that boosts traffic to your site.

As a developer, I have helped various clients from different sectors to create solutions that could reap as many benefits as possible. And when it is time to decide on the technology, then Sitefinity ecommerce plays a major role in powering up your e-commerce suite.

In this blog I will share with you some important benefits of using Sitefinity ecommerce for your website.

How Sitefinity Copes Up with Technology Changes?                       

With latest advancements in new technology like tablets, smartphones and social networking, companies are facing regular challenges to keep it up. New hardware or software provides great opportunities to keep the new customers engaged and this actually improves the bottom line of business.

Integrating Content Management System and Ecommerce in a single application is how online companies are using technology smarter. Sitefinity ecommerce makes the user’s experience more succinct while simultaneously creating new business value.

Not only this, the feature rich applications created by using the Sitefinity platform allow the customers to have an instant access to the products and reviews, which in turn leads to enhanced business sales. Data sharing also becomes easy.

Why Integrate CMS and eCommerce Together?

When it is all about content reach and search engine optimization, combined applications are true assets. The more audiences interact between them and share the content, the greater will be the reach. Having both the CMS and Ecommerce running on a single application offers higher results and Sitefinity acts as a bridge between these two technologies.

Since Sitefinity offers a user interface that is task oriented and intuitive, it helps ecommerce authors with appropriate tools to provide content for the job.

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Another advantage is the UI that can be freely configured to adapt each user or role.  In addition to this the sharing feature has great advantages. Sitefinity Ecommerce allows customers to be added to specific roles based on purchasing of products.

It has a “Buy Now” button that can be placed on any event page, blog or web content. These features highly contribute to the better user experience and makes manageability easier by simplifying operations and increasing profits.

The Sitefinity CMS email campaign manager helps to send emails to specific user roles, thereby targeting particular customers who have purchased a tablet. Because it now supports claims authentication, it can now share the data between any 3rd party applications and services and offer the visitors with a single account to sign in with.

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While concluding, it can be said that as technology will keep on changing, so will the applications and the content. Combining CMS and Ecommerce will help business owners to implement technology and improve the purchasing process.

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