Sitefinity CMS On Azure Environment

Sitefinity CMS On Azure Environment Helps to Improve Business Efficiency

Sitefinity CMS helps business owners to have a seamless and smooth website management experience on every device and across multiple channels.  Today, the marketers are able to enjoy complete control of their website without the need of IT developers, administrators, and any complex implementations. Deploying your site in Microsoft cloud can help you make the most of your business. But How?

Sitefinity CMS is now on the Azure marketplace and you can now easily evaluate and deploy it with just a click. It is by publishing Sitefinity on the Azure marketplace that business owners who want to evaluate with the product can take the benefits of this deployment option. It doesn’t matter where you deploy it, but the actual project has to be hosted on Azure App Services by using the preselected configuration.

One Click Deployment:

The Azure cloud platform helps Sitefinity users to avoid the complexity involved with the on-premise setup and this helps to improve the work productivity also. Whether you deploy it from the marketplace or through the one-click deployment, the first requisite is to have an account in the Azure portal. Once the process is initiated, you will be redirected to the Azure portal so that you can complete the deployment.


Sitefinity CMS development is now fully compatible with Microsoft Azure. It uses the entire spectrum to bring the best experience for the IT administrators and the developers. Over 1500 Sitefinity websites are on Azure that is taking the benefits of built-in-integrations with Active Directory Federation Services, Azure AD B2B, Azure Redis Cache, Azure Search and etc.

Continuous Delivery and Integration:

Sitefinity completely supports Azure Continuous Delivery pipeline. Once the connection is established to the code repository, the platform takes care of all the environmental setups and settings. The process is automated and it creates test and staging environments and also promotes the website project.


Azure and Sitefinity together help your business to fully use the computing power and also handle both high and low visitor traffic. With vertical and horizontal scaling, high availability is also guaranteed.  The auto-scaling efficiency and the management tools in the Azure portal make the resource orchestration a very powerful helper through each release cycle. With the auto scaling, you can now save your money for your company by running the instances that you need.

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So, to conclude we can say that deploying your Sitefinity website on Microsoft cloud will bring many advantages to your business. By hosting it in Azure, you can now enjoy all the cloud-enabled Sitefinity functionalities.

Are you planning to start your next project on Sitefinity?  With more than a decade of experience in Sitefinity development, we can help you with the best solution for business growth and expansion.  We are an award-winning Sitefinity company and can help you to engage your customers through the latest solutions for your business. So, transform your digital experiences and create intuitive content that is delivered to all the varied touchpoints needed.

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