Sitefinity Insights Add Value to Your CMS

Sitefinity Insights: Add Value to Your CMS

Choosing the right CMS has always been a challenging task for the marketers, but finding a digital platform that can help to expand your traditional CMS capabilities and deliver engaging experience to your users is again a different story.  Sitefinity CMS development is a popular CMS and helps business owners manage their web content skillfully.

Today, in this digital landscape, it is really hard to imagine without analytics, customer journey data, personalization, optimization and etc. Sitefinity CMS development helps you to ramp up the effectiveness of your digital transformation with some top analytics features.

Here in this blog, I will discuss with you more about these features and how can you use it for your business benefits.

As digital marketers and publishers are becoming more and more accountable for the business results, it is becoming highly important to utilize the right set of data and insights to take the best decision that helps to reduce the risks and help to optimize the content across various touchpoints to attain the KPIs.

Sitefinity insights is a platform that helps the digital marketers to do what is best for the business – create compelling content and experience for all the visitors and across all the touchpoints.  It offers them with a powerful marketing command that helps to assess how well their business campaigns and initiatives are doing and then adjust or make changes as needed so that the CMS perform at its best.

Connect and Integrate:

Sitefinity insights help you to connect and integrate with new as well as existing tools like the customer relationship management, marketing automation system, Analytics and Google services. The customer interaction data across various channels like mobile webs, webs, chatbots and etc. get consolidated within the Sitefinity insights and this gives you the data that you need to have a holistic overview of what, who and where.

Based on the data gathered, you can now further narrow down the demographics and behavioral data from both known and unknown audiences and filter out specific data sources for additional analysis.

Assess Individual Journey Across Multiple Paths:

Everything is about the journey of the customer and not about the destination. With Sitefinity insights, you can now analyze easily the user behavior and touchpoint attribution across their multichannel journey.  Whether it is from a file from your Sitefinity CMS website, or data gathered from filling a form, you can now identify the main key conversion areas and Sitefinity developers can help to track multi interaction and also identify the key touchpoints that actually lead to the conversions.

Offers an Engaging Experience:

Sitefinity insights help you to use the data and build an encompassing, 360 degree view of the contacts that help to understand who they are, the path that they follow and the actions that they take. Data merged from Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot and etc. gives a detailed journey timeline that helps to spotlight the important touchpoints.

This helps you to better understand your audience, optimize the conversion rates and based on the data gathered deliver a truly personalized experiences to your audiences.


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Real Time Knowledge:

In order to keep the visitors engaged and convert them to sales, business should closely achieve its KPIs, and marketers need insights into how their digital campaigns are performing. Without real time knowledge and proper utilization of information, it is difficult to develop informed inferences and make the best decisions that help to contribute to the bottom line results.

Besides the typical quantitative data, you also get qualitative analytics reports and real time insights on content attribution and overall performance of the CMS. This helps to measure and track the effectiveness of the customer journey.

Optimizing the Customer Experience:

Once you are armed with actionable data that is gathered from the reports and insights, you can now easily focus your efforts on optimizing and driving the growth and the experience. One means to optimize is to run the A/B tests to experiment with a variation of the original page and then measure the variations to attain the desired goals which helps to drive higher conversions and user engagement.

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