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Content Marketing Through Sitefinity

In today’s business world, it is no longer enough to have a simple website that cannot communicate with the visitors easily and keep them engaged. What you need is to transform your business website into something that can meet the challenges of managing web content and help you to shape your site according to your vision.

Introducing new products and services is very important to beat your competitors and for that you need to allow marketers and publishers to add and modify content quickly according to the latest usability best practices. This is possible by choosing the Sitefinity platform that effortlessly allows you to refresh the vision and branding of the site and helps to keep your customers well informed about what you do.

Sitefinity Content Marekting

How Choosing Sitefinity Can Help Your Business to Grow

Offer Personalized Experiences:

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With Sitefinity development, you can make personalized message by tailoring them for specific audiences. Sitefinity allows you to create varied roles to define which audience can see which content, thereby producing specific experiences for each visitor. These automated personalization helps to target specific customers and increase sales.

Segment Your Visitors:

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Another most important thing that you can do to market your web content is to segment your visitors according to their needs and choice. Sitefinity CMS offers a simple interface to define various criteria from where the visitors came from, what they have searched, their location and even the duration of their visit. This helps to segregate your visitors according to their needs and present web content accordingly.

Redefine Email Campaigns:

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With Sitefinity, you can easily optimize your customer engagement as it offers tools to test your marketing messages like emails and etc. You can easily create emails by using the drag and drop option and this can be done by even technical novices. Now personalize each mail for individual recipients and test them by using A/B testing. Once the emails are sent, Sitefinity allows you to get detailed reports that can help you to evaluate the performance of your campaign. This allows the marketers to focus more on their business strategies, rather than on the execution of Email campaigns.

Mobile Optimized Content:

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If you want your business to grow smoothly, then don’t allow platforms to create any sort of restrictions. Sitefinity offers you a flexible platform that empowers business agility, and you can create responsive web designs and make your website mobile friendly for any device. This allows you to target a wider customer base and keep them informed about your brand.

Maximize Growth with Social Media:

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Effective social media is very important for any business and Sitefinity CMS offers social media tools that allow you to broadcast your message to multiple channels simultaneously. Your web content may include blogs, news, forums, email campaigns and etc. All your content can also be syndicated to Facebook or Twitter pages.

Thus, in a nutshell, it can be said that Sitefinity helps marketers and publishers create and personalize web content according to the requirements of the audience and make it possible for anyone to access, edit and create content with user-friendly web based interfaces

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