Some Security Testing Basics That Are of Immense Importance

Knowing the basic of security testing is vital for your site, but at the same time it is complicated and a challenging task.  With so many different opportunities of testing an application, on the web, mobile and even traditional client server software, not many people are experts in handling security testing and that is the reason why we still struggle with the software security basics.

The more we understand the importance of security testing the more incidents and breaches come before us. The first most important thing that you should understand is the different types of testing needed for your application and the areas that you would prefer to focus on. I usually prefer vulnerability assessments and penetration testing as this is what I am an expert in.

So, what is vulnerability assessment? This basically looks at the application environment and identifies the weaknesses that are usually exploited by criminal hackers. There are different types of security testing basics where all the aspects of the application are thoroughly tested. In most cases, the main aim is not just to capture the loopholes, but also to find and fix the security weaknesses.

This can be easily done from a development or QA perspective. As more and more important data are getting stored in web applications and numerous transactions being carried our daily, proper security testing is important as the process determines that confidential data remains confidential and only authorized users can perform the task needed.

Penetration testing often called the network penetration testing is the practice of attacking your own IT systems in a similar way the hackers do to identify the security holes. But this is done by taking permission from the person who owns the system. This of course requires a deep understanding of the network and how everything interacts.

Understanding The Security Holes: 

Hacker is a common term that is basically used to refer to someone who maliciously accesses a website security. But originally a hacker is someone who tries to test an object to see how it actually works. Crackers are people who put their efforts to beat security measures. There are plenty of such people who break or crack applications and exploit its weakness for their own personal gains. It is important to identify the most common types of attacks they use to penetrate the application’s security.

Having a clear knowledge of the latest software exploits, testing techniques and tools is the mainstream theory on what it takes to fix the security flaws. So, if you ignore these basic areas, you will struggle with your application and make the software both a blessing and a curse. 


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