Ajax Development for Web Application

The Advantages of Using Ajax Development for Your Web Application

As the tech jargons continue their quest for new technologies, they often come across the term AJAX which means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. So, is it a programming language or a software platform?

Ajax is a set of development techniques that offer a rich user experience and it provides the feeling of a desktop application. It is a set of various technologies that include JavaScript, DHTML, HTML, CSS, XML, DOM, XSLT and etc.

If developers use these technologies to create interactive website, then the site will be faster that any of the third party frameworks that are available in the market.  Ajax development is also compatible with most of the browsers like IE, FireFox, Google Chrome. Netscape, Safari and etc. and so it is free from any limitations of the browsers.

Know the Benefits of Using Ajax for Your Website:

It Offers a Great and Improved User Experience:

Ajax development offers an enriched user experience which is one of the core benefits. It allows the web pages to update by exchanging a little amount of data with the server. In this way, it is possible to create parts of a web page without having to reload the whole page.

With classic web pages you have to reload the entire page and this is cumbersome. Ajax helps to increase the browser’s performance and offers a faster speed by providing a responsive user experience.

Reduced Network Load and Server Hits:

Atlas is an older form of the Microsoft AJAX library, which is a framework that integrates the Client side JavaScript library and can be used with ASP.Net to develop various Ajax applications.


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It offers cross browser support and also exposes the object oriented APIs that can be used to develop web apps that reduces the server hits or the network load and performs processing asynchronously.

Boosts User Productivity:

The Library in Ajax offers object oriented functions that help to dramatically increase the productivity and performance of the site. In addition to this, the Asp.Net application has its own business layer and data access layer.

Finally, the ASP.net application includes the UI layers where all the service side operations are performed.

In case all these features are already included, Ajax development needs only an extra layer of AJAX specific services and some rich client features. This helps in reducing the deployment costs and boosts the productivity of the users.  Famous websites like Google, Yahoo, Amazon uses Ajax in their development process.

Increased Speed and Low Bandwidth Usage:

Ajax development uses client side scripting in order to communicate with the web server and exchange any data by using JavaScript.


“By using AJAX, you can reduce the network load as well as the bandwidth usage and access the data that are needed to offer you a faster interface and better response time. With faster response time, the speed and performance of the application is also increased.”


Allows Asynchronous Processing:

Asynchronous data can be retrieved by using the XmlHttpRequest, which is the backbone of AJAX applications. The requests are effectively handled and the dynamic content is also loaded by improving the performance of the application.

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