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Power Your Website with AJAX and Give It a Fresh Look

AJAX is the acronym of JavaScript and XML and it is an amalgamation of various languages and solutions that are used to develop scalable and agile web based software applications. Every business owner wants to stay ahead of the market competition and this needs to stay updated with the latest trends. With AJAX programming, web applications can easily send data and retrieve data from a server asynchronously without having to interfere with the display and the behavior of the existing page.

IDS Logic is a leading AJAX web development company having its presence in India and the U.K. that helps business all over the globe to create applications that are responsive, interactive and at the same time loads faster. We have a team of Ajax developers who are highly skilled and creative. They are capable of creating effective, responsive web applications that offer a lot of utility to the users.

AJAX Development Services That We Offer:

  • Ajax web application development
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Web service and API calls
  • Mobile application development
  • Ajax web portal development
  • Ajax modules development
  • Quality assurance and testing

Ajax web development is considered to be one of the best programming technique that are used to create applications. The gap between desktop and web development has been reduced by the improved interactivity that Ajax web programming offers. Our Ajax team is able to develop customized web applications and they have the skills to create simple to the most complex sites and sophisticated business applications.

IDS Services


At IDS Logic, we have a team of PHP and .NET developers having Ajax programing expertise. We offer efficient and affordable AJAX programing services through a variety of services to customers based in US, Canada, Dubai, U.K, Australia and etc. Using Ajax will help you create multipurpose applications and the features can be handled by using only a single web page

  • Excellent browser compatibility
  • Great communication platform
  • Easier navigation
  • Responsive and interactive website
  • Highly reliable and scalable
  • Instant web page display
  • Continuous updates and notifications sans page loading

Hire Our Dedicated AJAX Web Developers

We have a dedicated team of Ajax experts whom you can hire according to your specific project needs. We at IDS Logic offer the best competitive advantage and deliver solutions within your time and budget.

  • Our dedicated Ajax web developers have great expertise in building the Enterprise class software solutions
  • Ajax is the core component of web 2.0 applications, and our developers help you harness it through their skills.
  • Our Ajax applications are compatible with server side languages that include ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl and etc.
  • Our developers create applications that support the most popular platforms and browsers making them highly compatible.


Hire Dedicated Developers

Why Choose us


Making use of the most updated tools and technologies, we deliver excellent Ajax development solutions that are highly interactive and vibrant.

  • Years of experience
  • Performance oriented solutions
  • Standards compliance
  • Customized solutions to suit specific needs
  • Systematic approach
  • Budget friendly solutions
  • Support and maintenance

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