The Benefits of Progressive Web App in OpenCart Ecommerce Website

If you have a business and looking forward to create an ecommerce store, then you must have heard about OpenCart ecommerce platform, which comes with a wide range of features that help to reach your business goals easily. Since the ultimate goal of all ecommerce business owners is to increase the sales and target a wider range of customers, it is important for every organization to meet the changing needs of the buyers and appeal to the massive mobile customer base. For this, you have various choices before you, either to build a native application or create a responsive website or user the most popular Progressive Web Application.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

PWAs take the advantage of the latest technologies which combines the best of mobile apps and web.  Latest advancements in the browser and the availability of service workers and also the Cache and Push APIs have allowed the web developers to install the web apps to their home screen, receive push notifications and even work with it offline. Progressive web apps take the advantage of the larger web ecosystem and plugins and the relative ease of deploying and maintaining the site when compared to the native application in the respective app stores.

Why should You Use PWAs for Your OpenCart Website Development?

 Having a PWA for your OpenCart site helps to take the advantages of faster loading and enjoying the SEO ranking benefits to reduce the needs of data and eliminate the need for an app store to download the application for the mobile devices.

Easily Accessible: 

One of the most important and significant advantages of having a PWA app is that it can be easily accessed through a web browser. The users don’t have to download the application from Apple or Google Play stores and this of course reduces a significant amount of time while searching for the application and then downloading it in the device.


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Enhances the SEO Ranking:

As the PWA delivers the web content, the search engines view the PWAs and the site as the same and index them completely. And this allows a better ranking with the search engines. But on the other hand, the native apps are not indexed and so they will not affect the SERP. With a great and optimized back linking strategy, you can easily boost the SEO to a higher level.

Highly Optimized API Requests and Storage Space:

PWA when used in OpenCart ecommerce apps, it helps to optimize the API request so that there is no need for massive servers and a large bandwidth to support the application. The mobile device will be able to browse the PWA by using a less mobile data plan and PWA takes less space to store compared to any native application.

Native Approach and Updated Content:

The PWA adopts a native approach like the push notification functionality, even if the web browser is not open. This enables the business to grow and also offer product promotions via the push notification in order to improve the customer engagement. The content is also automatically updated on the website so there is no need to manually update it.

Great User Experience:

With Progressive Web Apps your OpenCart website developers can work on enhancements of the web view that we see of the website. This means that the app focuses on the core content, advanced features and the design layout. All these are combined to make the customer experience smooth and much useful.


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