Top 6 Benefits of Choosing ASP.NET Core for Your Web Application

While talking about developing enterprise applications, one prominent framework that first comes to our mind is the ASP.NET core. It is an open source and cross platform, developed by Microsoft, and combines the MVC structure and the Web API in a single framework.

With every update, it has come up with extended and new features that have helped the developers to build highly scalable and powerful web applications. There are myriads of features that helps the developers to overcome common development challenges and add more to the apps to boost its performance.

Having worked with this platform for many years, I have a clear understanding of the features of ASP.NET core development and how it helps to build better applications.

Top Features of ASP.NET Core

Cross Platform and Container Support:

With ASP.NET core, you can now create applications and deploy them to Linux, Windows and MacOS.  This helps businesses with the ability to gather more traction on other platforms. You can also use the .NET standard libraries that give you the cross platform capabilities.

Containers have become very popular nowadays like Docker and Kuberenetes. ASP.NET Core allows the developers to use all the latest technologies. Microsoft Azure offers support to deploy the application to the containers and Kubernetes.


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High Performance:

Another important benefit of ASP.NET Core is its high performance. When you compile the codes, it automatically optimizes it and helps to increase the performance.

The best part is that with ASP.NET Core developers you don’t have to change your core and the optimization helps to enhance the performance of the application.

Open Source and Modular Framework:

ASP.NET core development also enjoys the flexibility of any open source software and that makes it popular among business owners. You can easily add framework components and libraries as per the project requirements and whenever a new version or package is released, there is no need to upgrade the entire framework.

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This again is a plus point as it helps to save a lot of time. There is also a Dot Net foundation where developers can share their codes that may help others develop their projects.

Support for Cloud Based Development:

It is always better to develop cloud based development. Asp.Net Core offers various features that help large enterprises create web applications, internet of things and mobile back end apps and etc. Thus, it is the ultimate solution for all your enterprise needs.

Whether you have a small business or a huge corporate, you can use ASP.NET to develop amazing web applications.

Dependency Injection:

Another great feature of ASP.Net Core is the dependency injection and it is used within ASP.NET MVC. This means that you don’t have to rely on third party frameworks like AutoFactor or Ninject anymore. Dependency Injection is a pattern that helps the ASP.NET development company to distinguish the different pieces of the apps. 

The developers are no more limited to web application and they can use the new libraries in a more event driven apps like AWS Lambda or Azure functions. The dependency injection helps to improve the extensibility and testability of web applications.


Razor Pages:

This is a new element of ASP.NET core and it makes programing page-focused scenarios. Razor page is a page based coding model that helps to build web UI easily and makes the application more productive. With razor pages, the web pages become self-contained with its View Component with organized codes.

Thus, to conclude, ASP.NET Core development has brought in a new era of enterprise web application development with its improved features. Life for the developers have become easier and business owners cannot make more profits from their web presence.


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