Top Headless CMS that should be in Your List in 2020

Top Headless CMS that should be in Your List in 2020

Most business owners today are now aware of the benefits of using a CMS for their site and so they are keen to use this tool to enhance their business by selecting the right CMS. This tool allows business owners to manage, track and store the content from creation to publication and make their website stay updated with the latest information. A majority of the companies having an online presence plan to use a feature rich CMS in some volume.

But one issue is that the traditional CMS tools have failed to address the needs of the businesses in various ways like providing the needed flexibility regarding delivery of the content to an existing channel or even integrating any new deliver formats. With the Internet of Things gaining more popularity in the human world, there is a need for a headless CMS development, which can meet the challenges of a traditional CMS.

What is a Headless CMS?

It is a backend only content management system and this tool allows the businesses to create content projects easily. Unlike the web content management software, the front end delivery layer of the website is removed from a headless CMS and the CMS developers can now use any sort of front end tool as per their choice to create their site. This means that the business can deliver content, which is beyond websites and apps. The solution often offers the option to translate the content into different languages.


This is considered to be a WCM industry leader by Garnet and the enterprise suite of solutions include the Content Hub, Sitecore Experience Platform, Experience Manager, Experience Commerce and they help brands to separate the content from presentation in any environment. the Sitecore’s solutions also offer designing, in context editing, cross channel preview capabilities and enterprise class search, content targeting, asset management in order to boost the personalization efforts.


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DNN Evoq Content:

DNN Evoq is an open source and decoupled headless offering from a CA based DNN software which is a veteran in the CMS world. The evoq offers a comprehensive set of features, which are suitable for both the IT and marketing people. The marketers have access to the WYSIWYG editing, a content layout module, inline image editing and also liquid content, which the name itself suggests that it allows the content to flow to any channel and in a typical headless manner.

Sitefinity CMS:

Sitefinity is a highly feature rich web content management system, which is built specially to engage the customers across the entire customer lifecycle. The headless CMS separates both the front end and the back end making it easy for the CMS development company to use any kind of theme and template as per the necessity and at the same time empowers the brands to deliver personalized experiences that include commerce experiences across a wide range of channels.


Magnolia has offered a headless CMS long before it gained popularity. It stands out from the other CMS in its ability to offer the editors and authors the benefits and features that other CMS commonly lacks like the in-context editing, personalization and full review. With this the developers can work with preferred front end frameworks like Angular, React and Vue and also integrate easily with other technologies through the leading REST APIs.


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