Top Opencart Security Tactics That You Should Know About

Top Opencart Security Tactics That You Should Know About

OpenCart is an open-source eCommerce CMS which is launched in 2010. Since its inception, it has witnessed a massive growth in popularity. In fact, it is considered as the most secure eCommerce platforms in the market.

Within the OpenCart’s core software, only 2 or 3 critical vulnerabilities have been revealed. This is a decent figure as compared to other platforms. However, it does not mean that a core software update can make your OpenCart store safe against cyber attacks.

To make your site secure, we recommend you to look for some reputed OpenCart development companies. They have the right tools and resources to update your website with the latest security features. 

Opencart Security Tactics to Get Effective Results

  1. Usage of Secure Hosting

Do a thorough research and opt for reliable and secure hosting.

  1. Delete the Install/Folder

After installing OpenCart, you have to check install/folder is present. If it is there, then you have to remove it otherwise it can create a security hole.

  1. Perform Admin Security Settings

You have to login to admin section for doing security settings and you will see the following fields:

  • Use of SSL

For using SSL, you have to check with your host whether a SSL certificate is installed or not. If it is present, then you should include an SSL URL to the catalog and admin configuration files.

  • Allow Forgotten Password

This field will get disabled automatically if a hack attempt is being done on the system.

  • Use Shared Sessions

Always share the cookie sessions between the stores. This allows cart to be passed between different domains.

  • Encryption Key

You should always provide secret key as it is useful in encrypting private information while processing orders.

  1. Employ PHP Latest Version

Since PHP V5.6 is coming to an end, there will be no security updates. They will be prone to more unpatched security vulnerabilities. So always use the latest version of PHP for security reasons.


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  1. Utilize Latest Opencart Version, Theme, Modules, and Extensions

It is highly recommended to deploy latest OpenCart version, theme, modules, and extensions. You may encounter a few issues while getting the upgraded version of your custom modules and extensions. But, if you skip updating, then you are risking the security.

  1. Avoid Using Nulled Opencart Theme or Modules or Extensions

Always opt for reliable plugins and themes provider. It will cost you some but it is good for the overall security of your OpenCart store.

  1. Use Anti-fraud Extension

OpenCart offers a few anti-fraud extensions by default. These aid store owners to protect their eCommerce websites from malicious fraudsters.

  1. Add Google Captcha or Basic Captcha

It is advisable to add Google Captcha or basic captcha on the form. This is useful in removing spams and emails that carry vulnerable links.


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So, these are some security tactics for OpenCart that users should be versed in. All are effective in making a site more secure. If you are facing a hard time in maintaining your eCommerce store with the latest security updates, then you should search for the services specializing in rendering unparalleled OpenCart eCommerce solutions.

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