Training Software Vs Educational Platform Vs LMS

Training Software Vs Educational Platform Vs LMS: Understanding The Differences

You may have at some point or the other used these words to search for solutions related to training courses. If you have an academic organization or you are the owner of a company, then chances are high that you have the requirement to offer training courses either to your students or your employees. Your candidates may be scattered across various locations or they may need different training at different phases, and a one size fits all solution is no more a great option.

You might be in need of a simple way to implement a training course for your employees, but before you start with your training system, figure out the differences between all the names. Are they really the same?

Difference between Training Software, Educational Platform and LMS

You most probably have heard the word LMS system or software while searching for online training platforms. All the tools like educational platforms, training software and LMS systems appear to be more or less similar, but there are certain dissimilarities and understanding them will help you in choosing the best.

Training Software:

It is a computer software that serves the purpose of offering training to people having specific skills. You can use the training software to enhance the skills of your employees or students.

Educational Platform:

It is a software that serves an educational purpose and it refers to something that already exists online. We usually use this platform to learn something.

Learning Management System:

This is a learning management system and it is similar to the online training software and it allows the users to organize, create and assign educational courses to the students. You can use it to learn something.

Whenever we hear about educational platform, the first thing that comes to our mind are schools and universities. Academic organizations often use these platforms to organize the students according to the classes under any professor’s guidance. Such tools are used to upload or even download the resources like notes, lessons and assignments. The educational platforms also offer discussion boards where many users can interact at the same time with each other.  Some platforms even allow uploading audio and videos.


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Educational platforms are basically tools that are used for blended learning and it is a combination of online and in-person learning.

What is Best for Your Business? An LMS or a Training Software?

The terms LMS and training software are very closely related to each other and many times they are used interchangeably.  A training software gives you the ability to create various courses, organize the learners into groups and assign training to them, run the tests and assessments. As long as these are considered, they are the same as an LMS.

LMS development is slightly more advanced as it comes with some extra features and allows the users to do some additional things that other educational software or training software might not allow.


You can easily connect and sync your LMS with other third party tools or programs that you are already using in the organization.


The LMS system allows you to gather various data about the learner’s progress, their training completion and other metrics that you can choose from based on your specific learning needs.


With LMS you can easily download the certificates once you have finished the course. Your LMS development should always allow you to customise the certificates accordingly and you can also add a company logo or design for your certificates.


This helps the employees of a company to earn points from the time that they have spent learning or for the courses that they have completed. They can easily compete with other employees and even track their rankings.

Your Solution to Better Training Session is Just a Click Away!

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