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Using The WordPress Mobile App for Your Iphone or Android Device

Did you know that around half of the global website traffic originated from various mobile devices? User today are not simply browsing website using their mobile, they are also creating content using mobile apps via platforms like WordPress, Facebook and other social sites. In the past few years, WordPress mobile app has witnessed great improvements to help you publish web content and manage various activities of the WordPress site by using a mobile application. WordPress App is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Need to Use WordPress on the Go? Here’s What You Need to Do

Unlike other mobile applications, with WordPress, you need to have a website or a blog before you can start with the mobile app. WordPress App works for both free self-hosted wordpress.org platform and the wordpress.com blog hosting service.

The WordPress Mobile app is created and maintained by Automatic and can be easily downloaded by Android and iOS devices. Based on the device, you can download the application either from Apple Store or Google Play.


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Once the app is installed, you can now add multiple sites from your wordpress.com account. All you have to do is to select the type of site that you would like to add and then enter your site and login details through the setup screens.

The WordPress App interface comes with simple and easy features that allow you to manage the site or blog easily even on the go.  Based on the type of site that you are working, different menu items are displayed.

Core Features of WordPress Mobile App:  Enjoy the power of publishing


With this feature, you can now take a look at what your visitors are doing and your views. You can also track the most popular blogs or stories of the day and discover the locations from where your readers are coming all around the globe. Thus, keeping a track of your site is easier than before. You can gather useful stats that include daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views of the posts, pages, visitors’ stats, clicks, number of likes and comments and even some additional insights.


This sections of the WordPress App allows you to view the blog posts, media, pages and also the comments. Once an option is selected, you can easily perform additional operations that include the edit, view, delete posts and pages, reply to the comments and share media and etc. The application helps to keep you updated with any changes that are made.

Configuration of Your Application:

Based on whether you have the Jetpack plugin integrated or not and are viewing a site from wordpress.com. the configuration section allows you to change the settings according to your needs. For example, with a self-hosted site the users can configure the basic general, discussion and writing settings.


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Jetpack Integration:

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugin that is created by Automatic and it brings a lot of powerful features that are available on the wordpress.com. It contributes highly to the improvement of the WordPress powered sites or blogs. From sharing tools to notifications, you now have the entire WordPress community in your pocket.

Push Notifications:

With this feature, you can now keep up with your website’s activity even when you are away from your desk. The notifications will help you to keep a check on the conversation flow with your followers and also stay engaged with the community that you have built with just a touch on the screen.

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