Want to Set a Great Customer Connection? Here’s What Elite Ecommerce Brands Are Doing

Ecommerce marketers who are driving their online promotions are now facing great obstacles because of increased market competition, higher customer expectations and a floating customer base. But remember, with struggle comes progress and so ecommerce business owners are creating a path where they can easily communicate with their customers and keep them engaged.

But what are elite brands doing differently from others that’s helping them to stay ahead of the market competition?  And how can e-store owners learn from them before facing similar issues?

Here in this blog, we have discussed five crucial strategies that companies should follow to create and maintain a great connection and brand loyalty.

Create a Meaningful Connection Between the Customers and the Employees:

If you are genuinely looking to foster an environment for engagement between the customers and the employees, then the key is to offer them with the tools to make an emotional and real connection with the customers. Companies delivering great customer experience often have employees who are more engaged and have experience of a unique set of circumstances and perspectives.

Act Like Brands that have been Digital since the Beginning:

Another great way by which ecommerce brands are building closer connections with their buyers is to emulate companies who have been digital since the beginning and have built their online businesses successfully. For example, ecommerce companies in India can learn from digital first ecommerce brands like Amazon and Flipkart. The reason being that, these firms have already solved various customer pain points and have successfully moved forward. They offer a consistent user experience and a customer friendly way of handling their services and maintain a large market share.

Choose to Offer a Seamless Omni-Channel Experience:

Today’s consumers often have a wide range of touchpoints with most brands. From searching their product to interacting with chatbots, they want everything smooth and easy. Since each touchpoint offers an opportunity to the companies to earn or lose the loyalty of the shoppers, it is better to offer a seamless omni-channel experience.

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As customers have high expectations and a low tolerance for bad experiences, brands cannot afford to ignore the details that make the customer journey. Top brands are now investing both time and money to understand their customers and ensure a positive outcome across all touchpoints.

Create a Consistent Online and Offline Experience:

Another most important point that ecommerce store owners often neglect is to focus much on their online experience and neglecting the gains that they could make from improved offline channels. It is only when the customers feel that they are receiving a great service across all the interactions with the company that they will be able to ensure customer loyalty and also avoid the problem of competing solely on the price of their service.

Use the Power of Emotional Designing:

Emotions are not something that can come up in the boardroom. They are always subject to changes and are also hard to quantify. Emotions help to bind the customers and brands together. Top ecommerce brands choose specific advertising means that are highly focused on the users and their emotions that they have experienced throughout their life.

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Emotions play a great role in maintaining customer loyalty and about 95% of the purchasing decisions are driven by emotion. This statistic by Forrester’s 2019 CX index highlights the importance why ecommerce store owners should go beyond providing a product or service. Brands today understand the importance of building a relationship with their customers as it helps to increase reliability, trust and emotional connection.  Proper CX designs can help to focus on these and address the touchpoints along the shopping journey.

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