Web Parts That SharePoint Offers for Better User Experience

Web Parts That SharePoint Offers for Better User Experience

We all know that SharePoint helps to power your internet and connect your workplace. Its social features also motivate the workers and employees to vividly interact with one another easily. At IDS Logic, we have expertise in developing SharePoint solutions for our clients and help them discover the latest features that make the platform better than before. Irrespective of what your business objective is, we help our clients to boost the internal communications and create better employee engagement.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some special web parts that we have listed as our favorite socializers:

Personalized Web Parts: 

This helps SharePoint developers to give a personalized experience to your website visitors so that they can view the content that they need and is meant for them to experience. It is by using personalized web parts that people see their latest sites, their documents and also the news that is tailored for them. When you add this web part on the page, it knows who has signed in and offers them a unique and relevant experience regarding content and information that you are promoting.

Internal News: 

This web part is placed on the front page of the intranet and allows all employees to post any internal news and comment on it. The comment function helps in engaging conversations and allows for corrections and specifications. It has some similarities with a blog, and it allows to customize it so that only specific users receive relevant news and information and also sort the news by whether the user has read it or not.

Profile of Each Employee:

The profile web part in SharePoint development offers an overview of some important information that is related to each employee. The profiles are personally filled by each user and contain facts like the date of birth, current job location, areas of expertise, interests and etc. The profile allows you to update your status that is shown in the news feed web part. Data that is in the profile is also searchable and one can easily find a certain expert or any name from the search result.

Central Asset Library

This offers easy access to the organization’s approved images that can be used by everyone. Whenever someone needs any approved image or an image that was purchased for licensed use through the intranet, they can click on “Your organization” and then navigate the files and other assets that are centrally managed for use.

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Countdown Timer: 

SharePoint website owners and members will be able to show a countdown timer regarding important launch dates, the campaign ends, key meetings, and etc. on their site home page, within news articles, subpages, communication, and hub sites. All you have to do is to simply add the web part to your SharePoint page or news and then tap the target date and also the countdown time.  With this web part, everyone can now see how much time is left for that important date and time.

Weather Web Part: 

SharePoint will now have a weather web part out of the box. Since everyone does not have the ability to work with a window, this web part gives the users the convenience to easily know more about their local weather forecast and look forward to any weekend plan.

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