Reasons for Popularity of ReactJS

What Makes React JS Popular Among Business Owners and Developers

Front end development is constantly changing and evolving and there are many tools that have come up to revolutionize the workflow.

Some of them has been labelled as best sellers and some others have become a dead end. Reactjs has gained a spotlight among website developers because of its rich features and functionalities.

It is in fact one of the highly used open source JavaScript Library that helps to create impressive web apps that requires minimal efforts and coding. 

The core objective of ReactJS is to develop engaging user interfaces that improves the speed of any application.


Did You Know that Top Companies Use React JS for their Application Development?


Reactjs development has already gained much popularity and is used by a wide range of top companies that include Facebook, Netflix, AirBNB, IMDb, PayPal, Walmart, Tesla Motors, and many others.

React JS has always been a viable option for the developers who have been looking beyond Angular for a simple programming language.

Developers using other frameworks need to do a lot of complex coding for the development of individual comments. 

But React JS has sorted this problem and the developers now have the option to reuse the codes that allow fast execution of projects.


Top Advantages of Using ReactJS Development Services

Creating Dynamic Web Applications is Much Easier with ReactJS:

Developing a dynamic web application with HTML strings has often been a tricky affair as it needs complex coding.

JSX is a syntax extension to JavaSCript that makes writing the components easier.

It has proved to be useful in creating high volume apps or customized components that make it easier to convert the HTML markups to ReactElement trees.

React JS makes use of the JSX that is a syntax allowing HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax application to render the subcomponents.

The front end development tool also supports the building of machine readable codes that mixes the components into a specific time variable file.

Helps to Boost Productivity and Facilitate Reuse of System Components:

Updates can often turn to a big headache as most applications have complex logic and any changes in any one of the components can affect the others. 

React JS developers can now enjoy the ability to reuse the system components. Since all the components have their internal logic, it is easier to define them.

This approach often ensures a consistent app look and also offers codebase growth and maintenance.

Development of Isomorphic Apps is Another Advantage of ReactJS Development

Another benefit of using React JS is that developers can now develop isomorphic apps.

JavaScript allows you to use similar codes for both the server and the client side component of an application.

This increases the speed and performance on the server.

It also helps in indexing the web pages and enhances the user experience.

The Virtual DOM:

One most important part of React JS is the virtual DOM.  When the developers create an app having a lot of user interaction and data updates, you have to consider everything carefully on how the app structure is going to impact the performance.

Even latest platforms cannot ensure the absence of any bottlenecks as Document Object Model or DOM is tree structured.

Any changes at the upper layer can have a rippling effect on the interface.  To solve this issue, Facebook has introduced Virtual DOM.

Any changes are applied first on the DOM and different algorithms calculate the minimum scope of necessary DOM operations.

The real DOM tree is updated accordingly and this reduces the time consumed. It also guarantees a better user experience and app performance.


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