What to Avoid When Creating A Sitefinity Website

What to Avoid When Creating A Sitefinity Website?

Telerik’s Sitefinity is an ASP.Net content management system that helps you to create dynamic and fully editable websites. Selecting the best CMS for your business has become crucial as it is important to display information related to the company and the services on the site to keep the customers updated. Sitefinity is a popular tool that makes it easy and quick to construct functional and attractive websites.

Web developers can use its built in functionalities to develop customized Sitefinity websites. Its extensible architecture and design allows extending any functionalities of almost any module or widget. Although there are various options that offer the same function and allows you to decide on the best, this also leads to a problem if they are not aware of what they are doing.

In this blog, I will discuss few practices that developers should avoid with Sitefinity development

Huge Data Transfer:

Sitefinity is specifically designed to expose the data in the CMS and it is the developer who should understand and select the data that they need. By default, the CMS returns all items of a certain type and using all of them are very rare. It is better to use paging and filtering if possible to reduce the amount of data transfer from the database.

Not Considering Sitefinity Sitemap Generator:

There is a navigation widget by default in Sitefinity, which can be used in different scenarios. Many developers decide to implement customized navigation for a better control of what is displayed or to change the style of navigation.
But it is not a good practice to use the Page API for navigation as it only exposes data and doesn’t scale. Calling an API on each request does not offer the best performance. It is always a good idea to bind to the Sitefinity sitemap generator, as this will enhance the performance by utilizing caching.

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Memory Leaks:

Whenever a Sitefinity developer creates customized widget to meet the client’s requirements, they are written in client script controls that act as the bridge between the JavaScript and ASP.NET. This makes it easy to change the client behavior based on the server side controls.
MS Ajax offers two methods for constructors and destructors that are initialize() and dispose(). Developers don’t always remember to dispose everything they use in client script. Two important candidates for disposal are event handlers and delegates.

4. Not Using Jquery Library in Sitefinity CMS:

Sitefinity web development is done in JavaScript and this includes customized widget designers, the backend and etc. with JavaScript comes jQuery which is like a defacto library used in every client’s project. jQuery makes selecting DOM elements much easier, but it also comes with certain overhead. So when using it multiple times, it is always a good idea to cache the results of a selection. We recommend using the built-in jQuery library to avoid multiple registration or versions conflicts.

In brief, all the above practices should be avoided while creating a site so as to enhance the performance of the site and to attain the best benefits of Sitefinity.

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