What to Expect from Sitefinity 11.1 Beta Release?

Sitefinity is a popular and feature rich CMS for business of all sizes looking for best website performance. Upgrading your website to the latest Sitefinity CMS version ensures that your site has the best features and functionalities that it has to offer. Two days ago, the beta version of Sitefinity CMS11.1 has been released and it has come up with latest revisions and improved features.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the details that are to be included in the planned beta release and how it can be useful for your website.


A Look at What’s New in the Sitefinity 11.1 Beta Release:


Improved Review and Workflows: It is now easy to define your workflows to 3 levels deep for a set of website pages or content types from a specific site or language.  A summary note can be added while submitting a review by the editor. It is provided in the notification email to the approvers and also in the sidebar, depending on the history of the item.




All the notifications are much more improved with options like submission, rejections and approvals. Reviewers now have the skip option and can reject the content if they think so.

Distributed Cache:  This uses Redis, MemCache, AWS DyanoDB, SQL Server and this helps to improve the performance of your Sitefinity website in NLB configurations. The cached content will help to reduce the startup time of the Sitefinity servers and this will allow the organizations to scale up faster with some additional web servers that will help to reduce the warm-up time.

Support for Bootstrap 4: All the exciting features of Bootstrap 4 are available to Sitefinity frontend developers. In addition to this, the Bootstrap resource package comes with accessibility improvements like better screen readers and keyboard support. The frontend assets create an infrastructure using NPM scripts instead of the Grunt. The Front Awesome solid SVG icon sprites replace the Image sprites.

Improvements in the Open ID Connector:  The latest improvements enable the IT Administrators to map an external authentication in emails, first and last name to Sitefinity users. This allows support for Azure AD and Azure AD B2B. the address can now be optional via the email address settings.


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Improvements in Multilingual Content Editing: The latest features allow the editorial team to easily work on translations of the same content simultaneously, unlike how Sitefinity locked the content items for each language individually. In addition to this, the related content items can also be translated directly and concurrently from the content editor.

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Some Other Improvements Include:

  1. The geolocation database is upgraded to the latest version and this ensures continuous service once the vendors update their databases.
  2. Easily analyze the impact of the web content by tracking the content touchpoints in your Sitefinity website. With this, it is easy to understand which content has a greater impact on the conversion rates and helps to optimize marketing efforts.
  3. The system status Widget on the dashboard displays crucial system errors that are related to Site Sync, NLB set up and this allows the Administrators to detect and troubleshoot various issues.
  4. Enhanced control of the website crawling process by the search engines. The public comments are now screened and a no follow attribute is added to some specific outgoing links that are not part of the website domain.

Who can Get the Sitefinity 11.1 Beta Release?

Existing Sitefinity CMS users having active maintenance are only eligible to take part in the Beta program and it is provided to the customers through their accounts. In order to get the Beta installation, you have to login to “Your Account” and then switch to the Beta tab page. There you will see the download link to the beta license file, which is valid for 30 days.

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