When Should You choose Sitefinity for Your Project

When should You Choose Sitefinity CMS for Your Website Project: A Guide

There is no doubt that online business owners need to create a website for their audiences and choose the right CMS so that they can have complete control on their web content.

While doing some research on CMS, you must have come across Sitefinity which is a very powerful CMS platform and is preferred by many organizations because if its rich features and functionalities.

It is a good fit for projects where lots of content are shared and Sitefinity users can work harmoniously with the features with a bit of knowledge.

But if the platform is used carelessly, it can turn into the bitter enemy against the way it’s designed.

You may have to consider various factors while choosing the best CMS, but ultimately the biggest considerations come to the visitors who will be using the site and based on their needs it is important to choose the CMS.

When should You Choose Sitefinity?

When Your Content Authors are not Code Savvy

Sitefinity CMS development is highly flexible and offers a lot of control over the layout, content as well as design. These are the strengths, but these can also make things frustrating for your content authors in case they are not that code savvy.

If the content authors are comfortable with HTML/ CSS, then Sitefinity would be the best option for them. But the main point is content marketers are not code ninjas and so they want an easy to use and flexible template that is responsive, extensible and offers a great design.

The customized designs in Sitefinity allow the content authors to create highly impressive pages even if they have no knowledge of HTML or CSS.

You can easily use this to your advantage and create the customer widgets which allow changing all the parts of the widget.

When Your Writers Need a High Level of Control:

Sitefinity CMS offers content authors with the highest level of control over the pages and assets of a site.

They have complete control on how the pages are organized within the sitemap, custom content, content items and the asset libraries and more.

If your writers expect a site that should be light and which can easily handle changes, then Sitefinity is the best option to offer high level of control in their hands and make them feel more independent.

Are You Looking to Hire Dedicated Sitefinity Developers?

You have to Show Different Versions of Some Pages to Specific Audience:

Another most innovative feature of Sitefinity development is the comprehensive personalisation function. Sitefinity CMS development allows the content authors to define what makes the user distinctive and create personalized versions of some pages.

This acts as an extremely useful tool and helps to make some pages visible based on the geographical area.

With this feature, business owners can show different information on the same page to the users of different roles and demonstrate potential usages for this feature.


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Comprehensive Control on who can Edit what:

Sitefinity CMS development offers an easy access control and also approval workflows that help to determine who can edit what and who can publish, who can approve the fresh items and so on.

If you need a comprehensive level of control over your content authors, then you can do it with Sitefinity as it offers publishing approval rights.

Easy Rescue of Deleted Content Pages and Items:

Another most useful feature of Sitefinity CMS is that it allows you to keep a revision history of each item and allows you to easily roll back to the last published revision, which can be handy in case your content authors make any big mistake while publishing something.

Sitefinity comes with a handy recycle bin that allows you to rescue the deleted item or pages easily.


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