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Why a Multilingual Website Outsourcing Agency is Preferred Over Machine Translation

With more and more business organizations coming up in all the industrial sectors, having a dedicated and professional, multilingual website can help to accomplish more within the boundaries of scope, time, cost and quality rather than simply executing the project.

A multilingual site can not only help the organization increase the productivity while keeping their operational costs to the minimum, but also offer exceptional services that support multi domain business operations.

Today, most businesses are aiming to capture the international market by bridging both the cultural and lingual gaps.

Hiring an outsourcing website development company in India can help to fulfil the needs and cater to the consumers coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Here in this blog, I will share with you why choosing an outsourcing company for your multilingual website needs is always a better option than depending on a machine translation.

Here are a few questions that you should ask initially.


“Is machine translation flawless?  Does if offer accurate and context rich translation?”


Let’s take a look here:


High Focus on Word to Word Translation:


Machine translation focuses too much on word to word translation instead of analyzing the context and essence that lies behind the sentence. This problem arises because foreign phrases and words often have multiple meanings and should be used based on the context and the region where it is used.

When a word has several meanings, then it adds to the confusion and machine language picks up the simplest and most common choice that might be totally different from what the person is trying to convey.

Hiring an outsourcing company in India for your multilingual website needs will help to resolve this problem and fix the issue seamlessly with what the customer wants.


It Lacks Personalization and Human Touch:


More than 75% of the customers who shop online often look for personalized experiences. And with the use of technology, this becomes very limited.


“Humans have a heart and can understand and interact with the customers and there is always some kind of emotions involved in the interaction.”


But machine translation does not have the ability to understand the cultural contexts, and it is difficult to personalize the foreign language interactions.  Partnering with an outsourcing company helps to gain access to skilled translators who ensure that the website content is personalized and humanized.


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Translation Between Two Completely Different Languages is not an Easy Task:


It is very difficult to use Machine translation to translate two different languages like Italian and Spanish.

Suppose you have to translate between two different languages in terms of grammar and structure rules, then machine translation is not going to offer accurate results. languages like Arabic are also often difficult to translate as it is writer from right to left and this adds more complexity to the task.

If you are looking to create multilingual sites for your business, then opting for an outsourcing company having well trained agents is the best means to handle the customer’s requests.


Machine Translation Often Leads to More Manual Work:


The purpose of machine translation is to automate the language translation and in doing so, it can’t identify any typo or other errors that happen during the translation.

Due to these inaccuracies and mistranslations, humans have to work on them again, which means that despite depending on technology, there is still need to rely on humans, they still have to invest their time and also manage the team involved in reviewing the translations.

Thus to conclude, it can be said that Machine language is not the best option to create your multilingual website.

Hiring skilled resources from a reliable outsourcing website company will help you complete your task in a truly seamless manner without any errors while adding a personalized touch to the web content.


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