Why You Should Choose Sitefinity Cloud CMS for Your Business

Before deciding on the best CMS for your business, it is also important for you to consider whether you should go for on premises solutions or a cloud hosted solution. With customer’s demands increasing day by day and digital experience becoming all the more complex, a cloud hosted CMS is the best solution to meet the changing needs of an organization.

Compared to a conventional on premises CMS, a cloud CMS helps the users to quickly attain anything that is needed by the organization.

But When is it that You should Choose the Cloud CMS?

You Need to Reduce the IT Team’s Workload:

A CMS based on the cloud comes with less infrastructure management tasks for the users compared to the on-premise CMS. With cloud, an outside organization may use their own resource to host the platform on their virtual server. This allows the CMS vendor to maintain the overall infrastructure and also the health, performance and security of the platform and the website.

You are Looking for Innovative Solutions:

While hosting your Sitefinity CMS solution in the cloud, it is your service provider’s task to manage your infrastructure.  It is by taking this responsibility that they help to reduce your day to day burden so that you are able to spend more resources and time on high value tasks which includes digital transformations. As customers look for a more personalized experiences, a cloud CMS offers the team with the ability and tools that help to deliver these experiences easily.

Want to Increase the Productivity of the Organization:

A cloud based CMS give the development team an updated platform to work out so that the team can effectively collaborate the content. The developers can now enjoy the integrated collaboration within the CMS platform, which helps to improve the code quality and also the deployment time.

Hire Sitefinity Developer

Cloud hosted CMS helps to increase the productivity of the marketing team. It is by eliminating the silos and promoting seamless collaboration that the publishers or marketers won’t have to tab the developers for help whenever they want to develop fresh content.

You want to Reduce the Deployment Time:

The optimized architecture of the Sitefinity cloud CMS can be used to deploy in less time compared to the on-premises so that they can create and publish content as soon as possible. You can also start a brand new CMS cloud deployment or even migrate to the cloud easily through a painless process.

Once your CMS website is in the cloud, you will be able to deploy content and digital experience faster.

You Want to Scale Your Business Organization:

On premise platforms have many unneeded complexities and resources and scaling the business is difficult.  A cloud hosted Sitefinity CMS offers a simplified infrastructure and other benefits across the digital content development journey. 

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It also makes the processes easier for the team and drives the return on investment and also go live instantly. Use a cloud CMS to drive the organization to support the scalability of an enterprise. 

Is your website ready for a Sitefinity cloud CMS?

If you have plans for a cloud hosted CMS, then Sitefinity is a great option for your organization as it comes with latest tools and features. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Sitefinity cloud allows the system integrators, end users, digital agencies to run, develop and manage the digital experiences with less complexity of creating and maintaining the infrastructure.

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