Why You should Upgrade to Umbraco 8 and What You Need to Consider

Why You should Upgrade to Umbraco 8 and What You Need to Consider

Umbraco is a popular CMS platform that comes with a wide range of features, especially for the content editors making it highly flexible and intuitive. It is also open source and created to address the challenges that enterprises face.

Like other CMS platforms, Umbraco is also constantly evolving and with each new release it comes with some new features and security patches. With such updates coming up on a regular basis, it is actually important for business owners to upgrade their Umbraco website development every year or two.

Things to Consider before Upgrading Your Umbraco Website Development?

Many times it is seen that business owners are not aware of the fact that they need a software upgrade. But keeping your Umbraco updated is essential for a successful business performance.  So, here is what you need to understand:

Is Your Current Solution Supported?

If your existing software is not supported by the developer or it serves as a gaping vulnerability, without security updates and patches, then it’s high time that you plan for an upgrade. If you have not planned yet, you will see more and more performance issues as time goes and things will go out of your hands.

How will the Upgrade Impact Your Business?

There is a great difference between the software that appear slick and the software that has the capacity to boost your productivity and the efficiency of your organization. If your application is no longer helping you to enhance the productivity, then it’s time for an upgrade.

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Will this Upgrade be Compatible with Your Systems?

A software should always be able to easily integrate with the other applications used by the company, else there will be great trouble. So have your IT team do some extensive research and test the software before you roll it out.  Early adoption is good, but compatibility issues should also be considered so that you don’t lose your money or time.

Why should You Choose the Latest Version Umbraco 8 for an Upgrade?

The most obvious reason why you should ask your Umbraco development company to upgrade your site are:

Security:  This is probably the top reason on the list because it is only by keeping your Umbraco development website updated in terms of infrastructure and security patches that you can fix any security vulnerabilities that may be existing in your website. With every new release, Umbraco fixes the security bugs and makes it safer than before.

Cool Features: With every new update comes the latest features and improvements. It is only by constantly and consistently upgrading your Umbraco site that you can automatically get a whole new bonus features for very little effort on your part. This is a main reason why organizations should upgrade their Umbraco site to Umbraco 8 and enjoy all the cool new features like auto URL rewriting, scheduled health checks, info tabs, improved search indexing and etc.

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User Experience: One of the best reason to upgrade your Umbraco site is to offer a dreamy user experience. Gone are the days when people used to wait for slow website. Nowadays they want everything with a click, and with each new upgrades coming up and with improvements in the UI/ UX the improvements can contribute and make the site more efficient and offer an enjoyable editor experience.

Responsive Content: Grid and component based layouts are principles of responsive web designs that allow the content to reflow and adapt to suit various screen size, platform and orientation. It is assumed by the users that your site is a fully responsive one and it is only by upgrading to the latest Umbraco 8 that you can allow the content editors to use various components in a page layout and remove the need to right click that prevents the content editors from making changes on the touch device.

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