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4 Best Learning Management Systems Compared

Educational organizations and corporates need to prepare their students and employees for a lucrative career to a certain extent so that they can easily survive in the competitive market.  There are various things that candidates can only learn while on the job.  This is where an LMS software can help and today we have multiple tools that allow organizations to create and monitor all sorts of programs and educational courses. These help to enhance the skills and knowledge of the workforces and students.

Having a feature rich LMS software is crucial and finding a great one is overwhelming as there is an extensive selection of LMS software solutions available in the marketplace. So, to help you kick-start your elearning initiatives, we have compared some of the best LMS systems and have discussed their key features and usability. Based on this, you can easily choose the most ideal one for your company and implement it.

SAP Litmos:

This is perhaps the most popular LMS software available in the market and it offers features that help with assessment creation, online course building and gamification. Educators and teachers can now boost the process of customized learning paths as per the needs of the company and according to the learning styles of the students. The platform is SCROM certified and it comes with an easy to use dashboard and reporting tools that help to manage the course better.

Core Features:

1-Intuitive Course Builder: 

It offers a WYSISYG editing, SCROM and TinCan support for interoperability. It also supports multiple formats of files and allows the users to create engaging and interactive courses.

2-Built-in Communication Functionalities:

It offers a messaging system that enables the learner and teachers to communicate with each other in-platform.

3-Comprehensive Reporting Functionalities:

It allows the users to generate real time and custom reports that are based on indicators and specific metrics.


This is a free and open source online learning solution that comes with rich features and functionalities. It meets the standard needs and requirements that offer a stable e-learning solution for both middle and large organizations. You can easily run Moodle on your own web server or even pay for a hosting partner to host your site. It comes with a cloud hosted option for small organizations.

Core Features:

1-Highly Customizable:

The LMS is very customizable and offers many LTI integrations with other services and products. Discussion forums, chats, journals and etc. are some add on features.

2-Mobile Friendly:

Moodle Mobile is the official app that works on Apple products and Android. The web interface can be customized to create a responsive website design.

3-Accessibility and Analytics:

Moodle’s goal is to be highly accessible and usable to all the users irrespective of their ability. It also offers a wide range of reports that the instructors can use to track the progress of the students.


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This is another cloud based LMS that is popular for its fully integrated ecosystem and modular interface. It incorporates AI for LMS automation, offers personalized learning experiences and also facilitates informal classes for the companies. Moreover, it also offers the users API tools that help to integrate applications with each other easily.

Core Features:

1-AI Powered LMS

Docebo leverages the power of AI to deliver high levels of content creation, aggregation and customization and automates a wide variety of tasks for the administrators.

2-E-Learning Modules

The modular interface effortlessly helps to scale up or down based on the e-learning needs of a growing business. You can easily extend the functionalities by integrating it with the existing systems.

3-Extended Enterprise Options:

This feature of Docebo makes it unique, which means that it can be accessible to partners, employees and even customers for training. It also supports more than 30 languages, which makes it easy to reach out to a wide audience base.


This is a cloud based LMS software that is designed for training the employees and customers. it helps the users to create the courses using various contents and also automate the training programs and at the same time measure the impact and ROI of the training efforts.

Core Features:

1-Dynamic Course Content:

There are a plethora of ways that supports different training methods and Mindflash allows users to add pre-recorded videos, Adobe PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and live training sessions.

2-Enterprise Grade Delivery

It comes with a powerful interface and supports thousands of students across various channels. It trains multiple individuals, departments and organizations.

3-Real time Course Dashboards:

Mindflash makes it easier to assess the progress of the trainees and measure their performance. It offers real time analytics and reporting options.

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