Actionable SEO Tips for Your Opencart Ecommerce Store

Actionable SEO Tips for Your Opencart Ecommerce Store

Every business wants more sales and so it is very important to optimize your website. To make more sales, you will need to attract more eyeballs on your ecommerce site and for that you also need to optimize your store or hire some SEO professional for your business website.

OpenCart is an open source platform that enables the business entrepreneurs from across the world to create feature rich ecommerce sites. Since it comes with a plethora of features that are specially tailored to make the store truly work as per your needs, with lots of modules and themes, you can easily choose to customize your site and boost the performance.

Opencart SEO Tips:

Optimize the Opencart Headers and Title Tags:

One most important SEO practice for your OpenCart ecommerce development store is to assign the product name as H1 and the model as H2.  The OpenCart title tags can be created automatically and you can also choose the Advanced tab and enter the exact parameters that you want the SEO extension to include in the title tag.

Add Automatic SEO URL Generation:

When you create a new category or a new product or any other page in your OpenCart website development store, you are able to setup a keyword for the SEO URL. This needs to be done manually from the SEO tab in the page creation section. But with the Automatic SEO URL Generation feature, you don’t have to modify that manually and you can now automatically create it by simply using the name of the page.


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Remove Duplicate Content and Use the Canonical URLs:

We all know that content is king and your OpenCart store also needs fresh and relevant content to pass the required message to your target customers. This content needs to be carefully crafted by professional content writers having hands on experience in SEO and creative writing. Quality content that resonates with the information that your audience is searching for will keep them glued to the store. Hiring a professional OpenCart development agency can help to create the content and also monitor it to ensure that it continues to perform well.

Disable Indexing for Unwanted Opencart Pages:

There may be some pages in your OpenCart store that should not be indexed by your search engines. Some pages like your admin panel, your checkout process or the cart view can be easily disabled from getting indexed in your robots.txt file. This will help you to avoid unnecessary indexing of pages. For this, all you have to do is to simply copy and paste them into the editor and then save it and you are ready to move.

Create an Opencart Sitemap:

A sitemap is a very important thing that should be added to a site as it makes it easier for the search engines to crawl as well as index the OpenCart site faster and also more extensively. Your Opencart sitemap will help the store to pass the data to the search engines and also guide the search engines with the highest priority pages first.

Continuous Website Assessment:

Another most important thing that you need to do is to assess and determine the performance of your site regularly. The OpenCart SEO service provider can help you with some important tools and gain expertise needed to do a thorough assessment of your store and then you can make the essential adjustments accordingly.


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