Front End Vs Back End- What’s the main difference

Front End Vs Back End- What’s the main difference?

Front End and Back End are two renowned terms used in the web development. If you have an avid interest in web technology, then you may have heard these words many times. Both of them holds a great significance in the process of website creation and maintenance. They utilize different programming languages and frameworks to build a website with perfection.

What is Front End Development?

A Front End development involves the development of the website’s graphical user interface by deploying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is that area where the users can view and interact with the website such as images, text, buttons, navigation menu etc.

The developers are adroit in the client-side web development, and their main focus is on responsiveness and performance of the website. No matter what the screen size, it should deliver high-grade performance to the users.  

Top Front End Languages

Some of the popular front-end languages are discussed below:

HTML The front-end part of the webpages is built using this markup language.

CSS- It stands for Cascading Style Sheets and are useful for making the webpages more attractive.

JavaScript- With the help of this scripting language, one can create interactive websites with minimal efforts.

Top Front End Frameworks & Libraries

AngularJS- This front-end framework is primarily used for building SPAs (Single Page Web Applications). It converts the static HTML into the dynamic one.

React.js- This open-source front-end library is maintained by Facebook, and used for creating user interfaces.

JQuery- JQuery is a fast, efficient, and feature-enriched JavaScript library that simplifies the HTML DOM tree traversal and event handling.

Flutter- This open-source development SDK has been managed by Google. It is used for building high-performance native apps for mobile (Android & iOS) using a single code base.

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What is Back End Development?

Back End development is also referred to as server-side development. It involves all behind the scene tasks that users are not able to view. It mainly involves databases, backend logic, APIs, and servers.

Top Back End Languages

Here are some popular programming languages that are used for building back end of the website:

PHP- This server-side scripting language is the topmost choice for web development. All the code execution is performed at the server-side only.

C++- This general purpose programming language is an extension of the C language that produces competitive coding.

Java- Java needs no introduction. This programming language provides lots of scalability to the developers during development.

Python- It is a well-known back end language that is utilized on the server for building web apps faster.

Node.js- It is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment for the execution of JavaScript code.

Top Back End Frameworks

Some of the best back end frameworks are as follows:

  • Django
  • Laravel
  • Rails
  • Express
  • Spring

Always look for the web development company that has expert front and back end developers on-board to add value to your web development project. Do as much as research from your end to get the reliable options to suit your purpose.

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