How Android developers can be successful with apps in Google Play Store

How Android developers can be successful with apps in Google Play Store?

Creating a successful web app is the first and foremost task that the developers focus on. And Android app developers are continuously looking for various ways to make money from their applications. We are all aware of the fact that Google Play Store is the most preferred app store for the developers and this app marketplace is getting saturated with the latest applications of various categories and types every day.

Successfully publishing your app on the Google Play is not all about submitting the finished code and sitting back, but it involves a lot of steps that needs to be taken before the final launch of the app. It is important to be in the limelight, but due to several wrong reasons, your app may fail to impress the end users.

The reason behind this may be that you might be missing some of the very important aspects that are essential for the success of your app.

So, today in this blog, I will discuss with you how to be successful with your app in Google Play Store.

Test your app: Make sure that the app you have developed is thoroughly tested before it is submitted to the Play Store and if by any chance it is full of bugs, then the user’s device will be affected and your app will turn out to be a big failure.
So, ensure that the app offers a consistent performance to the users and test the compatibility with the devices and various browsers to avoid and errors.

Maintain the screen size and the OS version: Testing your app on various Android mobile devices and different OS versions will help you maintain the screen size. The best way to test your app is to test it on devices that come with both high and low resolutions. This will ensure that the app works well with both. You should also check that the app is compatible with different Android versions.

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User interface: This is the most important aspect of all as the look of the app should be appealing and the user interface should be friendly. Users should be able to use the app without any difficulty.

Since the users may be from different age groups, it is vital for the Android developers to make the app as easy as possible so that they don’t have to rely on others for its usage.

App presentation: Once you are ready to submit the app to Google Play Store, it is important to check that the app is presented in an attractive manner with a nice icon, with few attractive screenshots and videos of your app, so that the users have a rough idea of what your app actually is.

Make sure that this step is carried out properly as the first impression is the last impression.

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Market your app: Launch your Android mobile app carefully. For this you should have a proper marketing strategy. You can publish a press release and invite individuals to attend the launch event.  You can also contact some app review sites and ask them to publish the reviews of your app. You can also use the powerful social media to promote your app.

Keep a track of your app performance:  Keeping a constant check on your app’s performance is important to improve it. Listen to the users’ feedback and see the ways in which you can enhance the performance of your app as well as the marketing strategy.

Analytics tools like in-app analytics and app marketplace analytics can help to monitor the users’ impression of your mobile app.

I hope the above comprehensive list will be beneficial to you and give a good chance to get an initial foothold in the Google Play Store.

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