How LMS Can Help You in Compliance Training at Your Workplace

How LMS Can Help You in Compliance Training at Your Workplace

Online training in corporate sectors has always been an effective means to pass skills to the workforce and it is convenient as the staff members can easily work and learn according to their own time. Since it is mandatory for most industries to offer online training to their employees to keep them updated, choosing the right compliance training software can help.

What is Compliance Training?

This is a term that describes the process of education the staffs on various industry, state or company mandated rules and regulations that apply to their specific roles and responsibilities. Since organizational risks vary from market and industry, compliance training is not mandated by law, but regulatory compliance training is compulsory. Failure to any such law can lead to hefty fines, litigation and in some case it may also lead to the loss of an operating license.

Why at Times, Your Employees May Not Connect with Your Compliance Online Training?  What should You Do?

Online training is important for your employees and it helps you to reduce the cost and time effectively. But not everyone can connect with the compliance online training courses. Here are some reason and how you can overcome them easily with an LMS development solution.

Too Much Information:

In social settings, this means oversharing and in an online training setting this refers to data overloaded. When you offer your learners excess content, they might feel overwhelmed and can’t retain the most important things in their memory.  They won’t know what to keep and what to discard. This makes them anxious as they try to retain everything and this will ultimately lead to their losing interest completely.


You can choose to use an LMS application software which offers a wide range of features to present content in different formats and also offer bite sized content that are easy for the staffs to grasp.  Filter the content for them and teach them what they need and should retain in their mind. Keep your online material short and to the point and also make them bite sized so that the learners find it easy to study. The more specific and comprehensible your material is, the more your staffs will find it interesting to learn.


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No Context:

Another main reason that your employees feel disconnected from your compliance training material is its lack of reference. When they see it, they are unable to recognize the role that it plays in their job or the difference that it can make in their profile.


Instead of using technical jargons, you can create the course material by using easy conversational language and practical examples that your employees can relate to. Your LMS developers can help you to present the content in the right format and allow them to get realistic scenarios. Videos, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and etc. can help them to arm with tools so that they can stay in line. These aids should not be just the topics of the courses.


Another thing that most corporate training materials struggle with is that the employees just need to get over. Minutes of boredom can easily shut their minds off. Since they have only a short attention span, tech centered compliance training materials may be difficult for some learners.


In order to break the monotony and get your learners fully engaged, you can add some games, quizzes and interactive multimedia in your LMS course design.  Remember that you are working to make your audiences connect with your compliance training material.  It is only with a feature rich LMS platform and proper planning and by adding some entertainment value that you can connect them to your online training content.


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