Latest Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Rule the Future

Latest Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Rule the Future

Readers are always keen to know more about the concept of human like robots and of course Artificial intelligence (AI). With more and more business and government leaders considering AI for various works, AI has left the mark everywhere and will also have a great impact in years to come.

It is important for us to understand that AI is an umbrella term that has several interlinked technologies and these includes machine learning, cognitive computing, computer vision and other related technologies.

In this blog, I will share with you some of the most evolving trends around all these technologies and learn about the advantages that they offer.

Machine learning models:

Machine learning helps computers to gather data from various sources and make necessary improvements without having any dependency on software programs.

This learning could help computers to develop models that are used in weather forecast, financial sectors, medical applications, industrial applications and etc. Advanced AI algorithms can automate the process of correlating and analyzing the data.

Cyber security: 

Security of the website will rely much on smart technologies like never before. With the increased need of defense, surveillance and also cyber security, the need for the AI based solutions are increasing.
Cyber security is a great opportunity area for AI since cyber breaches are becoming a main challenge in varied forms of malware. AI will offer an extra edge, giving an ability to identify the risks, aberrations, and signals of future threats.

Development of smart cities:

Most cities are not properly equipped to meet the needs of the exploding population.  Offering electricity, easy transportation, clean air and etc. is becoming an increasing challenge for the city administrators.

Any access to public and healthcare services is a major concern and AI can help to resolve some of the most important urban population challenges. It is by using mixed technologies, the cities can analyze better and identify situations and improve the systems and assist in planning stages.

Better customer service experience:

Customers often become very frustrated whenever they have to wait in the IVR queue before the service representative attends them. Businesses often lose potential customers due to this inefficient customer support process and this is where the sentiment analysis can help.

It allows the computers to clearly understand the context of a conversation, feedback or any comment and gives the ability to distinguish between suggestions, complaints, queries, opinions and etc. Emotion sensing wearables can monitor mental health and can also help in psychotherapy.

Digital twin: 

It is a virtual model that is used to facilitate detailed analysis of physical systems. The concept of digital twin is used in the industrial world where it is used to analyze and monitor the things like industrial systems. 

Digital twins help in the development process and adopt the internet of things by offering ways to predictive diagnosis.

Natural language processing:

This is a fast evolving branch of AI that focuses on better understanding and analysis of human languages. NLP based applications interact better with the humans by understanding the nuances of context, dialects, speech and pronunciations.

“Some of the evolving trends that feature NLP and other AI based technologies are customer service chatbots, recruitment portals, virtual assistants and etc.”

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