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Implementing AI and Automation To Transform What Businesses can Achieve

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are transforming business by reinventing how businesses can run thrive in the competitive market. When these technologies are implemented holistically, then automation and AI can help to improve productivity, reduce costs and also create new business opportunities.

We at IDS Logic develop automated or AI applications that can specifically cater to the business needs while maximizing the ROI by automating various business operations. Our team of developers is aware of the latest technologies that help our clients to take the advantage of AI powered applications that automate operations to drive efficiency and growth.

Our AI Services Include:

machine learning

Machine learning:

Our expert team empowers your business with machine learning technology that can interpret, complex data, identify patterns and detect trends.

Natural language processing:

We use this technology so that machines are able to understand what people speak and write and take relevant actions based on it.
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Knowledge virtualization:

Our developers create robust KV systems that help businesses to use databases in order to take the right business decisions
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Digital virtual agents:

Our AI powered digital virtual agents are capable of interpreting human behavior and offer support and enhance customer experiences
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Business process automation:

We build powerful applications that can carry out repetitive processes automatically based on machine learned or user based instructions without any human involvement.
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Decision management:

Our team members help businesses automate and simplify business decision management solutions with AI that drive accurate results based on reliable algorithms and predictive systems.
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Predictive analytics:

Our solutions help you to predict market conditions or sales analysis and understand the customer behavior. We optimize resource usage and enhance business operation efficiency.

Our Skill Sets:

  • Python Automations
  • Net Automations with task scheduler or WinBox
  • Selenium & QTP Automations
  • Chat bots (Telegram Chat Bots, Messenger Chatbots, Azure based Chat bots, Customized Chat bots)
  • Linux based Shell script automations
  • Migrations & Data transformation jobs
  • CMS automations
  • JS based frontend Automations
  • Database PL/SQL based automations for monitoring.
  • Windows based batch/Vb’s based automations with task scheduler or related
Why Automation and AI is Crucial for IT Industries

Why Automation and AI is Crucial for IT Industries?

Automation and AI involves a set of multiple technologies that work in cycle to allow machines learn, sense, comprehend and even act accordingly to augment activities.

  • Quick decision making based on outputs from cognitive technologies
  • Saves time and money by automating various business processes and tasks
  • Increased productivity through operational efficiencies
  • Reduced human errors with a higher possibility of reaching accuracy and precision
  • Improved consistency and robustness in performance across multiple AI systems
  • Use insights to analyze customer preferences to offer personalized experience
  • Easy data mining and fuel exploration processes to generate quality leads
  • Attain cost savings by optimizing workforce and business processes

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