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Aligning Different Development Processes Towards a Progressive Goal:

A systematic development process that adheres to certain set of standards is the prime requirement for a successful completion of a software project. And this is what we at IDS Logic strictly follow, so that the business objectives can be effectively met while staying on track with respect to quality and timelines.

The Different Stages of Development That We Follow:

Both software and websites can be developed by using certain methods having provisions for customization, so as to meet specific business requirements:

  • Assessment and analysis:
    This is the first step where we understand our client’s requirements and the varied dynamics that exists in the systems. The analysis covers all the aspects so that we can come up with a realistic plan.
  • Specification building:
    While considering every element of the requirement, preliminary specifications are drawn up. A written proposal that outlines the scope of the project is prepared that also includes project responsibilities, costs and timelines.
  • Design and development:
    It is here that our developers start with the actual task of building the software. Based on the specifications, codes and graphics are created while maintaining the interactivity of the application.
  • Testing:
    A thorough testing of the application is done to calculate the load time, scalability, stress and browser compatibility. For any errors, desired changes are made so that the inputs and outputs are met.
  • Implementation:
    Once the software is developed and tested, it’s time to implement where the product is launched after client’s approval to check its functionalities. The product is also optimized for the search engines for best results.
  • Maintenance and updating:
    All websites need frequent updates to keep them relevant and fresh. Once your website is operational, we offer ongoing promotion, content management &update, technical maintenance on a regular basis.

Our Engagement Models:

Our software development engagement models define the collaboration and level of controls and responsibilities. All our models are customized to meet budgetary requirements so as to deliver the best outcomes for your project.

Project based model:

This is basically a time bound model that is effective for software project where the needs are fixed and are not likely to change during the development process. An expert team of developers together with a technical project manager is assigned for development, designing and close communication throughout the lifecycle and regular updates and reports are also generated.

Pricing models:

In this model, the budget of our client plays a key role. We customize various solutions depending on the requirement of our clients and the amount they are willing to pay for the development of the product or the app. We deliver outstanding services at affordable packages so that business organizations of all sizes can avail our services. Our pricing model is based on fixed costs and resources, timely delivery and milestone based billing.

Dedicated resource model:

With this model, our clients are able to access seasoned experts and hire them part time, full time or on an hourly basis. Our developers can be hired as an extended team to the in-house developers and can help to accomplish specific business needs. We help our clients remain competitive by implementing latest business strategies, innovative techniques and allow them to have complete command and control on their hired resources.

Key Benefits of Hiring us?

  • Expert consultancy
  • Efficient project management process
  • Latest technology competency
  • High quality deliverables
  • Transparent communication
  • On-time delivery of project

Development Models – Methods and Practices:

When our software developers plan to create a website, their thoughts rotate around two main issues – Pricing and Time. But these largely depend on the scope and size of the project. We follow different development models to build the project that meets specific business objectives.

Waterfall Model:

In the waterfall model the process that is followed is the linear sequential flow. The progress is seen to flow steadily downwards throughout the different phases of software implementation. Our software developers build the project in a sequential manner so that the tasks are completed and the specific objectives met. This model does not allow you to go back to the previous phase, so each step is carefully approached that includes designing, development, testing, installation and maintenance.

Agile Model:

This model is based on iterative and incremental development where the requirements are analyzed and the solutions are developed through collaboration between various cross functional teams. At IDS Logic, we implement the agile process so that there is great flexibility during the development process as the tasks are divided into small time frames to meet specific needs and on time releases. The model uses the adaptive methodology so that customized functionalities can be inserted at any point of the development phase.

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