Magento 2 Trends 2019

Latest Trends That Will Create a Big Impact On Magento 2 Ecommerce Stores

Magento ecommerce development has always been helping businesses meet various challenges, adapt and thrive on boosting online sales and generating maximum revenues. Though there are various CMSs available on the web, Magento 2 offers the best and advanced features, themes and extensions that allow you to take care of your e-store from the scratch.

While creating attractive designs and features for your store is convenient, you will also need to check something out of the box that helps to represent your brand accordingly. And to stay ahead of your competitors, you have to follow the latest Magento trends of 2019.

The new year is all set to offer more success to the store owners and these latest trends will also help to grow more. So let’s take a look in this blog what you should follow to become more successful:

AI and Chatbots Will be in High Demand:

AI has come up with exceptional features that make life easier and using it with Magento 2 development is no exception. AI helps to channelize the growth of e-stores in two ways: it helps the businesses to target the customers as per their needs and also aim the users in getting personalized and customer centric shopping experience.

Chatbots help to replace humans in customer service management and this is a popular feature of Magento. Chatbots are smart options that leverage machine language technologies that help to understand specific customer needs. And in 2019, we can expect that chatbots will be used over all Magento 2 development solutions.

Organic Searches:

Intelligent auto-complete tasks, filter choices, smarter breadcrumbs, are some of the most important elements of smart searches that can be used in 2019.

Each option is designed to make interactive shopping experience easy for the sellers. This will help to improve the customer’s experience and at the same time it will engage more customers thereby helping to make additional sales.

Push Notifications Will Grow:

For any established ecommerce venture, the sales should always have a constant engagement with the new users and also maintain the existing ones. Online ecommerce business depends a lot on push notifications and they are used to remind the shoppers about information related to the stores by sending regular updated. 2019 will use it more to catch people’s attention and capture them from one venture to the next.

You can also use push notifications to keep a regular flow of special offers, send abandoned cart reminders, new product launches, business events and etc.

Big Data and Analytics:

Various businesses are utilizing Big data for real time data manipulation and analyze the data that is related to user statistics and behavior patterns. When big data is combined with analytics, it offers rich insights that can be easily applied to make decisions for the business that are profitable.

Most Magento 2 stores would use this technology in the coming years to offer a more enriching customer shopping experience.

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Live Video Will be Used More:

Live videos will of course become a familiar component for all e-commerce websites. Magento 2 development will show great success with the use of more live streaming videos that work better than traditionally optimized videos. Thus, the former will be replaced very gracefully and you may use it to help your business to increase sales and revenues.

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