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Moodle 3.8 Has Come Up with Latest Features for Your E-Learning Organization

Moodle is one of the most popular LMSes that allow the educational organizations to create interactive portals and other e-learning applications. It is also used by a large number of corporate organizations to implement their training courses and deliver a unique learning experience to the staffs. Since the launch of Moodle development software, it has always come up with some latest and upgraded version of their module and each version comes with significant changes, enhancements that make the development process easy and efficient.

Recently on November 19th, Moodle rolled out its latest version 3.8, bringing in new features and functionalities that improve the learning experiences. The latest version focuses on the community requested improvements, forum enhancements, learning analytics functionalities and also a first stage H5P integration.

Let’s discuss the features in details:

Details Insight into Learners’ Activities and Improved Forum:

The enhanced Forum activity allows the teachers to easily assess the contributions of the students directly from the posts. The forum also supports different types of grading, ability to view the discussions that are in context and also collapse the grading panel so that it can free up more space.

Moodle 3.8 version offers accurate insights into the data of the learners and allows the teachers to assess the contributions of the students. The teachers can also gather vital information about the students from the reports and check the number of discussions that they have started, their replies and recent posts and etc.

Boost Interactive Learning Content and Maximize Engagement:

The H5P integration helps educational institutes to enhance their e-learning experiences through multimedia content that is interactive. The new H5P button is presented under the Atto editor that allows the teachers or educators to upload a wide range of interactive tests, video tutorials and quizzes.


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They can also initiate a direct conversation with the students and enhance the productivity of their e-learning courses. They can also select multiple students and send them messages together.

Emojis, Custom Fields and Calendars:

The Moodle 3.8 development platform has also come up with messaging features and it enhances the quality of communications between the students and the teachers through the emojis. The users can now add various types of emojis while sending a message.

The new version also allows the administrators to configure the current application layout with the custom course fields and it also allows the admins to configure the colors of the card patterns.


Even the calendar features have changed and it allows the users to stay updated with the latest activities in the forum.  Students and the teachers on Moodle can easily filter the calendar by upcoming events, day and month.

Session Timeout Alerts and Improve Quiz Creation:

Moodle 3.8 version allows educational institutes and corporates to easily create and manage effective quizzes that can benefit the learners. It also allows to display appropriate tags and ID numbers in the question bank together with the edit option so as to efficiently organize the questions.

In earlier versions of Moodle, the session time out occurred if there was no activity done for several minutes without any notification. But Moodle 3.8 has now come up with a session timeout alert that appears a few minutes before the time out session.

Search and Filter:

You can now search your courses fast and easily on the dashboard and also filter them according to your course type or custom course field. For the administrators, the automated course backups are now processed in a logical order having options to exclude the course files.


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