Sitefinity 12 New Features

New Features of Sitefinity 12: Take A Look!

Progress has often come up with latest versions of Sitefinity CMS at regular intervals and the latest versions could be bug fixes, new features, security improvements or hot fixes. So, to take advantage of the latest version, an upgrade is essential. 

But before you hire a Sitefinity development company in India to upgrade your application, it is important to know about the features that the latest version has come up with.

We all are aware of the fact that Sitefinity is the most productive CMS platform and with the latest release, it is surely to make content management even more easier, deliver engaging content that helps to drive conversions.

So, whether you are a Sitefinity developer, user or a marketer, Sitefinity continues to bring a better experience for all.

Let’s find out what’s new in Sitefinity 12 that will help you increase your productivity. Since in today’s world, it is very important to deliver easy to access content to the right users at the right time, a feature rich CMS can help you with the competitive advantage.


Latest Features in Sitefinity 12:


Reduced Burden on IT Team with Sitefinity Cloud:

Progress Sitefinity 12 is now cloud native and it is the only WCM platform as a service in today’s market.

Sitefinity cloud empowers the organizational scale by redefining productivity and eliminates the need of infrastructure management and integrates the Microsoft Azure services that allow the organizations to focus on the core business objectives.

The managed services can help business owners to increase their operational efficiencies and deliver as per business demands.


The MVC First Approach:

MVC is the preferred technology for Sitefinity implementations and the latest release of Sitefinity 12 will now simplify the selecting and modifying of the page templates.

With the default templates for hybrid frameworks and MVC, you don’t have to start from the scratch with the new template.

And once you choose a template and the framework, making any changes to it is as simple as selecting a new one from the template list from the same framework.


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Unified Content Editing Experience:

Sitefinity 12 also helps to improve the marketer’s productivity for everyday content edits through the unified content management experience. The new content editor delivers syntax highlighting, code validation and autocomplete to power the users.


Easily Synchronize Single or Multiple Pages between Environments:

Promoting any changes to individual content pages or items through SiteSync is easier, faster and also more reliable. The content editors can sync a single page or any content item directly from the context sensitive menu.

It is now easy for the editors to control what they sync and also check the availability of the updates without having to wait for the IT team or admins.


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Rule Based Forms is Easy:

You can now create dynamic forms that are based on the set of custom rules. These efficient forms dynamically display or even hide the form fields and then redirect the visitors to specific pages that are based on the information that is entered by providing a more personalized experience to the users.


High Speed:

The system admins can easily fine tune the page output caching behavior. Users can easily instruct Sitefinity 12 to serve the present cache version of the web page to the visitors for a short period of time and in the meanwhile warm up the latest version of the page in the background. 

This will help to attain the increased scalability and provide the website visitors with faster page load times.


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