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Sitefinity Vs WordPress

Sitefinity Vs WordPress:A Brief Comparison

Before the CMS gained popularity, creating and managing websites with huge content was in fact an unwieldy task. A CMS is a type of application that allows you to easily publish and maintain information on your site. If you are planning for a business website, then you will want to know the different types of CMS available that can satisfy your unique needs.

Two of the most popular platforms that are used today are WordPress and Sitefinity. Both the platforms are stable and mature CMS solutions that provide necessary tools to build gorgeous do-it-yourself websites. To give you a better idea why one is preferred over the other, let us make a brief comparison of both the platforms.

Comparing the Platforms from a Business Perspective

  • Basics:
    Sitefinity is a modern web CMS platform that is designed specifically to help business organizations pursue their online objectives. Developed by Telerik, the system powers over 10,000 websites worldwide across various industry verticals. Its flexible architecture, easy to user interface and simplicity offers unmatched performance for creating commercial websites, community portals or intranets.On the other hand WordPress is renowned for its clean core, easy to use features, use of familiar software and remarkable extensions and support.
  • Security:
    Another main issue with WordPress is its security, which could be a potential problem. Its plugins can cause serious damage to the website’s performance forever. Sitefinity uses.Net which is dynamically and strongly typed. This means that users can easily enforce what data is accepted in the fields. It goes through security reviews also to ensure that it meets the industry security standards.
  • Integration:
    Sitefinity is easier to integrate into numerous companies where Microsoft is the enterprise solution provider. It is built upon Microsoft Tech and offers a SharePoint connector for easy integration with the existing enterprise IT infrastructure. It integrates well with windows based servers, but for WordPress, experts tend to prefer Linux based system.
  • Enterprise features:
    Sitefinity offers excellent out of the box enterprise features like SiteSync, Ecommerce, Personalization, Load Balancing and Multi site, Multi language capabilities
  • Traffic and Usability:
    If you have significant traffic and want to enhance your website, then WordPress may not be the best option if you want performance, compatibility and appearance. As Sitefinity has multilingual capabilities, it gives the user the flexibility to create and manage forms within it. It has attributes like simplicity, scalability, good interface and also produces excellent SEO results.
  • Mobile website:
    Sitefinity provides a strong support for Mobile websites, Mobile Apps and Responsive design that helps business owners to target huge customer base via mobile devices.
  • Technical Sitefinity advantages:
    The Architectural Framework of Sitefinity is more secure than WordPress
    The basic out of the box features of WordPress depends on plugins for extended functionalities. Since they are contributed by developers, some of them may be open to vulnerabilities. But all the add-ons of Sitefinity are thoroughly tested to avoid any sort of compatibility issues.
    There are constant updates and improvements to all the add-ons of Sitefinity, but WordPress plugins are rarely updated to the latest.

Before you build your business website, take a careful look at which CMS suits your business goals perfectly.

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