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How is Sitefinity different from other CMS solutions?

Sitefinity CMS is one of the most popular CMS platforms that use the latest technology within the Asp.Net framework. Unlike other platforms, it caters to a wide range of IT project requirements, offering intuitive UI for the business users, mobile specific design features, drag and drop layout builder and flexible customization options and great integration facilities. The platform also allows you to target your message with personalization as you can create roles according to a specific audience and the type of content that they can view.

How to upgrade Sitefinity?

Upgrading your Sitefinity CMS version to the latest one is completely the user’s choice and they can use the NuGet Package Manager Console to run the updated package command in order to upgrade to the latest version.

Is Sitefinity an open source?

Sitefinity is a robust CMS which is based on the .NET technology and it offers many features to both the end users and the developers. Sitefinity is a proprietary CMS and needs investment, but it is worth the investment as it comes with rich features that help to create applications that solve business challenges.

Can I build a mobile website using Sitefinity?

This is the only CMS platform that is naturally mobile friendly and the rich feature allows developers to create responsive designs directly into the user experience. The mobile friendly designs allow business owners to successfully deliver the web content across a wide range of browsing devices. The platform allows you to create mobile optimized websites in a hassle free manner.

Does Sitefinity allow you to manage multiple websites?

This CMS platform allows you to easily manage an unlimited number of websites that are hosted in a single application. This approach allows for template and content reuse across different websites. You can share assets among different sites and quickly launch new pages and sites without establishing a new project.

Can I integrate other software packages together with Sitefinity?

Yes, it is possible to integrate other software packages. Sitefinity Connector for SharePoint offers two-way integration between both of them and allows digital assets to be edited from both the sides. Google Analytics, Dropbox, Salesforce and etc. can seamlessly be integrated with the web content management platform.

Is it possible to integrate my current site into Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is based on the structure of standard ASP.NET applications so there won’t be any problem to configure it as a web application of your existing project. But it is important to decide which applications will be shared between the apps and which not. If your present site is on ASP.NET, then you can move your Themes, CSS files and .NET Master Pages that can be used within Sitefinity.

Can I upload a video on my Sitefinity site?

Yes, it is possible to upload videos to your site and there are two different ways to do it. You can upload the video through the files module or even create a video library, which is a great way to categorize and manage your videos. You can also create a YouTube video and get the HTML snippet which you can copy and paste on your web page.

Are Sitefnity applications easy to use?

If you have used a CMS before then you won’t face any difficulties in understanding how Sitefinity works. It offers a predictable and safe environment so that developers with basic skills can work with the core functions. There are also numerous unique features and if you want to add some additional features, you can use ASP.NET technology to add them according to your business needs.

How will you offer support to my application after post-delivery of the project?

In case you are interested to add some other third party module to enhance the functioning of the application then our developers will surely arrange for a meeting to know your requirements and help you with customized development solutions to meet your specific needs.

How will my business benefit from Sitefinity platform?

Sitefinity CMS allows you to adapt your present site to any device as it supports mobile platforms and responsive designs. This helps you to target a huge audience base and generate more traffic to your site and increase sales. It also helps to spread message to all your social media channels and create attention grabbing and personalized emails and content for your specific audience. You can manage your sites Google Analytics within the CMS and the platform is also SEO friendly. It supports multiple payment providers, multilingual capability, coupon management, marketing promotions and etc.

What are the various Sitefinity services that you can offer?

We have immense knowledge in handling Sitefinity projects for various industry verticals and are capable of offering solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. We offer consulting services, web development, customization of themes and modules, migration services, CRM, social media, payment gateway integration services and maintenance and support services.

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