How Mobile App Helping Healthcare Sector

How Mobile Apps Can Simplify the Healthcare Sector

Long queues, monotonous waiting time, and the desperation to go inside and meet at the doctor’s chamber with many ailing patients around is the picture that you can visualize when you decide to pay a visit to a clinic or…

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AMP Benefits for Opencart

The Benefits Accelerated Mobile Pages in Opencart

In this era of mobile technology, if your business website is not working well on mobile and taking a lot of time to load then chances are high that you will lose a lot of your customers. The Accelerated Mobile…

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Magento Drop Shipping

A Guide to Magento Drop Shipping Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce has proved to be one of the best sources for selling products online. As a retailer using Magento, you must always be looking for various means to grow and expand your business. And for this, you need to find…

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moodle- An Open Source LMS

Is Open Source LMS Like Moodle the Right Choice for You

Open source LMS platforms are trending and they have in fact become essential tools for creating successful online training applications for elearning professionals and business organizations. While choosing the best LMS for your organization, there are multitudes of questions that…

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The IT Outsourcing Model Needs to Be Redefined

High performing businesses have started to use different models to support their varied IT needs and the IT organizations are looking for outsourcing companies to get their work done by experts.  The IT outsourcing business model has been changing with…

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PHP 8 JIT Support

PHP 8.0 Release and the JIT Support

PHP has always been the most popular server side language that has helped the developers to create professional business websites. We know that PHP 7 has been awesome and had come up with huge improvements over PHP 5 in terms…

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Content Management Tips SharePoint Online

Effective Content Management Tips When Using SharePoint Online

Modern business organization uses multiple systems and documents to accomplish their varied business needs and they are using content management systems to create, publish and supervise all the content within the organization. Microsoft’s SharePoint Online is a great collaboration tool…

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Why Gatsby Is a Great Option for Decoupling Drupal

Creating your CMS website with headless Drupal and Gatsby is a great option as Drupal is an enterprise quality CMS for free and it can be paired with a modern development experience while enjoying all the benefits of JAMstack, performance,…

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