Sitefinity 12 New Features

New Features of Sitefinity 12: Take A Look!

Progress has often come up with latest versions of Sitefinity CMS at regular intervals and the latest versions could be bug fixes, new features, security improvements or hot fixes. So, to take advantage of the latest version, an upgrade is…

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DApps (Decentralize Apps)

DApps and Its Influence in The Mobile App Development Industry

Most online users are familiar with ‘Apps” which refer to software applications that define a particular goal.  Opposed to the widespread software models that are centralized, decentralized applications provide a smoother and quicker operations that are also free from centralization….

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Top Moodle Themes

Top 10 Free Moodle Themes to Make your Moodle Appear Elegant

1.”Adaptable” (theme_adaptable) 2.“Essential” (theme_essential) 3.“Academi“ (theme_academi) 4.“Eguru“ (theme_eguru) 5.“Moove“ (theme_moove) 6.“Fordson“ (theme_fordson) 7.“Klass“ (theme_klass) 8.“Roshnilite” (theme_roshnilite) 9.“Campus” (theme_campus) 10.“Elegance” (theme_elegance)     1. Adaptable The “Adaptable” theme designed by Jez H and Fernando Acedo defied all expectations and in December…

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Sitefinity Analytics Module

How to Set Up an Analytics Module in Sitefinity

In this section, we will show how to set up the Analytics module. Sitefinity CMS Analytics module is used to track your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. The module consists of various reports and indicators that give you statistics for…

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Drupal vs Umbraco

Drupal 8 vs Umbraco: A Comparison Based On The CMS Features

Keeping your website updated as per the latest technology is imperative for the success of your business. And who doesn’t want to build a consistent success graph around various marketing operations. If you are looking to upgrade your website, then…

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