PHP Vs ASP.NET What is Best for Your Business

PHP Vs ASP.NET: What is Best for Your Business

Software development is based on two broad bases that are PHP and ASP.NET., they are highly popular and are used by huge number of developers and this makes it difficult for many of them to choose the best. On one hand, PHP is a general scripting language that developers rely on to a great extent and on the other hand, we have ASP.NET which has a brand that has a big name attached to it. Whether ASP.NET or PHP is better has been a never ending argument and since both are quite popular languages in the programming landscape, you must have come across various materials discussing the advantages of both the languages.

Here in this Blog, I will share with You which is Better and Why?

There is no doubt that both the frameworks are great and have professional developers working with them. many budding developers would like to have a look at the comparison and decide which platform to start with and both ASP.Net and PHP development offers some advantages and some disadvantages. So let’s take a look at it here.


When it is about performance of the framework, there is always a misconception that the language of the framework determines the performance. But this is not the truth as performance of the framework depends on the way how coding is done and in that case the performance of ASP.Net is better than PHP but PHP has again supported many great websites.

The Market Share:

Another big difference between and PHP is the market share and PHP has more popularity than ASP.Net and PHP websites have been ranked among the top 10k sites. A framework can only gain so much popularity if it is rich in features and this proves that PHP is preferred by developers when it comes to developing a website application.


Another most important difference between PHP and ASP is the security options that they both provide. Both the platforms offer rich security features to the developers and PHP website development comes with a wide range of tools that help to manage the security of the site. Again on the other hand ASP.Net comes with some built in security features like SQL injection and automatically does the work of security.


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This is another most important area where PHP has a distinct advantage over ASP.Net. PHP is an open source and so it is completely free and ASP also is owned by Microsoft and comes with free web hosting. What is noteworthy is that PHP can be used on Mac, Windows, or Linux machines while ASP.Net services are meant only to be run on Windows machines.


PHP is an open source and its community of developers that can support the developers is far larger than ASP.NET. Though both boasts of a vibrant community and come up with regular updates, you can look for any queries. PHP has a plenty of friendly developers who are active on different forums and are willing to offer free advice as well as guidance to those who need them. The biggest takeaway is that all your queries will be sorted soon with such a big community.

What is Best for Your Website Development?

The above parameters between the two languages can help you choose the best, but what is important is to understand your specific business needs. Since each framework have their own advantages and disadvantages, the right platform should be chosen carefully depending on the core business objectives, the challenges and of course time and budget.


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