Reasons Why Many iOS and Android Mobile Apps Crash

Reasons Why Many iOS and Android Mobile Apps Crash

Whether you are a mobile app developer or a user, mobile app crashes are simply hated by all as it is simply a waste of your precious time and is the quickest way to being shunned out. Creating a mobile app for your business is imperative and they need to be highly reliable else it may leave a bad experience for the users.

Whether you are targeting specific mobile user like the iOS or the Android market, upsetting them with your mobile app development will lead to very low users, which may take your app astray and throw it down the performance cliff.  Delivering a high performance through your mobile application is a challenging task, but things can be easier if you are aware of the top reasons that makes your mobile app crash:

Poor Memory Management:

One of the most common problems which mobile app developers face is with the memory management. The mobile app may be twinning around various other threads and using a lot of memory resources or even running on a gadget that is using too many apps. Most of the coders write long and complex codes as they use only one app on their device. But when it is used in other gadgets, it drains out all the resources and so mobile app development companies should keep in mind that the better the memory management of your app, the better will be the user experience.

Poor Testing Cases:

Mobile app development needs a thorough testing so that there are no issues after it is launched. Today, there are about 40 variants of the Apple machines and more than 24000 Android mobile variations. With a large number of manufacturers, it is becoming difficult for the developers to conduct test in real time and on all the devices if it is a low budget project. A complete testing process, which is clubbed with benchmarking against the industry standards and the expectations will ensure that the mobile app functions perfectly and does not crash.


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Improper Network Management:

A technology friendly mobile app development environment is perfect for the mobile app developers to access a super-fast internet. But this is not so when an app is installed in the iOS or android device. The most common mistake that developers assume is to plan an app in a tech friendly environment, which later on fails to perform. The app also crashes in the middle of the use when you have requested to generate some information. So, developers should pay attention to this as a huge network dependency with slow access to the internet can reduce the responsiveness of any app thereby, leading to poor performance, instability and downtime.

Poor Front End Optimization:

Even for mobile app development that don’t talk much to a backend server, it is important to use the resources effectively. image compression and other successful strategies can help but the devices should be mindful of the relationship between what is happening on screen and what the device can actually handle.

Browser and Device Incompatibility: 

Browser problems are also a core reason of a mobile app to crash. Since developers don’t always test the app reactions on various browsers, there may be some issues with the mobile app development. Mobile app developers should also check the device compatibility before launching it in the market.


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