Secrets to Success in SharePoint Learning and Development

SharePoint is an excellent tool for companies and that’s why it is one of the fastest growing products of Microsoft. In fact, there are many Fortune 500 companies that are utilizing SharePoint. It is much more than a content management system and the development managers will be more than happy to know that it comes with a variety of features to make their jobs easier.

Here, we will discuss the top features of SharePoint that are useful for learning and development. If you are thinking of SharePoint development, then this post is useful for you.

SharePoint for Learning and Development

Engagement is one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry. How to engage employees so that they get inclined to organizational goals and values and contribute to the overall success of an organization?


Blogs are an ideal way to engage your employees. This particular feature of SharePoint tends to be overlooked by lots of organizations. If you are a learning and development manager, this tool is effective in the distribution of your information and content to the company, particularly for the new joiners going through the onboarding process.

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Blogs are useful in resolving the critical challenges of the enterprises- how to make employees to share and receive information without any hassle. A blog is an effective means for the expert to share information and knowledge. For example, creation of the topics featuring stories on talent development, useful training tips and tricks, etc. Blogs also provide a great opportunity for the employees to interact with the expert.


Mobile training has become a popular method of skill set and knowledge development. Learning development managers have started making the most out from the mobile training. This is because it makes the learners to study on the go and provides immediate access to the information.


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SharePoint’s latest version has made a significant improvement in mobile. Users can now experience a better user experience. Another notable part of SharePoint site is push notifications to the mobile devices that alert users about the latest changes such as adding or modification of the content. 


Search is a prominent tool in learning and development. There will be lots of content that gets created in multiple versions throughout the year. It becomes important for you to stay organized and find the information quickly that you need.


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SharePoint has made the search simpler in its latest version. Here are some useful search features that you should know:

  • SharePoint shows content based on the relevancy. This helps in improving search relevancy through a combination of factors- ranking model, content relevance, query rules, and result sources.
  • It allows you to search uncluttered content. Checking for the keywords on the content title or body is a key part of SharePoint search. This leverage companies to maintain their own dictionaries.

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