Sitefinity 13 Allows Seamless Digital Experience to Support Business Continuity During Crucial Times

Sitefinity 13 Allows Seamless Digital Experience to Support Business Continuity During Crucial Times

Sitefinity is a rich CMS platform that allows business owners to create their sites and manage the web content efficiently and deliver innovative personalization and other rich features that helps to increase productivity and operational efficiency. Progress Sitefinity has always come up with latest versions that provide digital experience features and with Sitefinity 13, it has allowed the marketing and IT team across the globe to become more productive by accelerating the digital transformation efforts and by boosting their overall business efficiency.

The present situation with lockdown continuing across the globe and people maintaining social distancing, organizations are forced to offer work from home and amplify the connections with their partners, employees and customers. Companies that earlier relied on live event or brick and mortal commerce are now switching to online platforms and accelerating the digital transformation priorities via the Sitefinity CMS development platform.

Sitefinity CMS has the core ability to deliver seamless experiences that is easily scalable and can meet any unpredictable demand, extend the content across various channel touchpoints through APIs, optimize the customer journey by using data from varied sources and generate value through ecommerce, and all these are crucial capabilities in today’s unpredictable business situation. These are the key technological challenges that the organization of today needs to address in order to survive for long in the market.

With Consumer Behavior and Buyer’s Preferences Shifted, Going Digital is the Only Solution:

Never before was digital transformation so important than now, but with Covid-19, things have changed a lot and the consumer behavior and their shopping preferences have also changed and this has in fact brought a great change and Sitefinity 13 CMS development has come up with latest features that can help businesses to continue and establish themselves by investing in digital strategies during the current global crisis.  Today, adopting a more mature digital transformation strategy in no more a choice but a must. About 79% of the organizations have to use digital experience to attain the competitive advantage.


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What Sitefinity 13 Offers:

The recently released Sitefinity 13 offers an arsenal of digital experience capabilities that allow automation, selfservice and omni-channel engagement while reducing the total cost of ownership and driving return on investment. It also helps to streamline the marketing and development tasks that simplify the common business and other technical challenges and helps to scale the team productivity, to enable them to create and manage the customer experiences in a better manner by using the following capabilities of the digital platform.

  • Personalization, which is based on custom tags like the title, campaign, source etc. as well as consistent experiences for returning visitors irrespective of the initial touch points.
  • The ability to have complete control on the look and feel of the presentation layer while delivering the content to various channels. This is possible by using the new page layout service that decouples the content from presentation when it is distributed to other external channels.
  • Online touchpoint and customer journey monitoring based on machine learning enables the marketers to receive the proactive touchpoint alerts to spot new opportunities and also improve the ROI of the marketing campaigns.
  • Data driven analytics is used to measure the performance of the content with a comprehensive view of all the personalization initiatives and the ability to export the data to Google Data Studio for better data analysis options.

Sitefinity 13 CMS web development has made it easy for the marketers to handle their web content and boost their overall productivity with innovative capabilities that are highly advanced features that drive greater ROI.


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