Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud

Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud: Get to Know How It Might Help Your Business

In the present digital world interacting with your customers through varied channels and accumulating customer data is crucial for a successful business. No matter what channels you use, visitors often expect something personalized, continuous and seamless experience regardless of their moving from one phone to tablet, laptop or anything.

Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) helps you to clearly understand your customer’s journey and offer them with the things that they exactly want. It helps you to understand your audience and create personalized content in order to attain the desired business outcomes.

Sitefinity DEC integrates website tracking via all data sources and offers data driven insights that suggest the means to optimize the end to end customer experience, thereby driving both the short term and the long term business goals.

Some Key Benefits for Your Business:


1- Create a complete view of how your customers interact with your brand.
2- You can easily personalize your website, email campaigns, mobile apps based on the information gather for both anonymous and know contacts.
3- Run automated and manual sales workflows for Marketing Qualified Leads.
4- Increase your offline or online conversion rates for any channel
5- Identify the best marketing resources or campaigns that delivers the best results irrespective of where the digital assets reside and where the conversions take place.




How Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud can Help You to Answer Some of Your Business Questions that Include?


1- Who are your customers? 
2- How many leads do you have and who are they?
3- How does the customer interact with your website across various channels?
4- What type of audiences are interested in our services?
5- What are the conversion rates?
6- Which is the most important audience segment that you should target with a campaign?
7- How can you optimize your conversion rate to increase sales?
8- If you invest in a campaign, how can you increase the conversions and by how much?
9- Does whitepaper and videos help in increasing your conversions?


Where does this Data Come From?

Important data about your customers play an integral role in defining and preparing your business strategies. Sitefinity DEC is integrated with Sitefinity CMS and this enables the users to import contact characteristics and behavioral data from the site.

It is by using this data that you can calculate reports and derive certain recommendations that can be incorporated into your campaigns. You can also track the third party websites by using the JavaScript SDK or the RESTFUL API that can integrate directly. 


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In order to get the most out of the CMS, it is recommenced to use plugging in other data sources like an email marketing system or a CRM. You can also use some out-of-the-box connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Oracle Eloqua to gather some more information.

Examine the Reports and Gather Insights:

Based on the type of reports and model that you have defined for your datacenter, and the data that has been captured, you can view various results on your main dashboard.

Always remember that in order to get meaningful insights, the data have to be accumulated for several days and for some complex uses, it may need several months, based on the scenario. All the statistics that are available in the dashboard are refreshed daily.

Looking to Move Your Sitefinity Website to the Latest Version?

Marketing in the online business world is about knowing what your potential customers are actually looking for and what will appeal and encourage them. Sitefinity DEC helps you to get plenty of data from your potential visitors and streamline your marketing strategies accordingly.


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