Swift vs Dart Which One is Best for iOS App Development

Swift vs Dart: Which One is Best for iOS App Development?

Choosing the right programming languages and frameworks is the most vital decision for the success of iOS app development project. Businesses look for the languages that leverages them to deliver a winning iOS app with out-of-the-box features in the shortest possible time. But, with so many options, it becomes quite intimidating to choose the right one.

Swift and Dart are the two popular programming languages that has been used widely by the developers from all across the world to build a flawless and high performing app for the businesses. If you’re facing difficulty while choosing between the two, then this post is a must to read from your end.

Now, let’s take a detailed comparison between Swift and Dart to help you decide which one to choose for iOS apps:

Development Time

One of the most important factors for the developers while building an iOS app is the development time. This is the total time that an iOS app will take to get completed. The more longer will be the time, the total time to market will be increased. This will also increase the development cost.

Swift and Dart comes with their set of commands that allows them to calculate the total development time by using Xcode. Swift wins over Dart when it comes to building iOS apps faster.

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Size of the App

Another important factor for comparison is the app size. Always remember that the heavier the size of the app, the more it will take to load. It has a direct impact on the performance of the app.

Swift is a far better option than Dart when it comes to building app of compact size. With Dart, the iOS apps will be heavy in size, which is not good performance wise. So, if the app size matters to you, it best to opt for Swift.

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Reloading & Testing

Whenever any new feature is added to the iOS app, it needs to be checked and reload on a variety of devices. This will help in reflecting the changes that are done on the app. It is one of the most important parts of the app development lifecycle.

With Dart, you will get the hot reload functionality that quickly reflect the changes on the iOS app. In case of Swift, it will take both time and efforts of the developers to make any changes to the apps.

If you want to develop a feature-packed iOS app for your business, then it is best to approach a leading iOS app development company for this purpose. You will find many options online, but you should choose the one that has a proven expertise in this domain.

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