Tips on Creating Seasonal Landing Page for your WordPress Website

Tips on Creating Seasonal Landing Page for your WordPress Website

The holiday season is an incredibly best time for the retailers to boost sales. It is when customers are in full mood to splurge money on gifts for their loved ones. Most of the purchases will be done online. In order to capture more sales during the holidays, it is best to create seasonal landing pages for your WordPress website particularly for Black Friday and Christmas.

What is a Seasonal Landing Page?

A landing page is the page on which the visitors land after they click on the ad on channels like Facebook and Google. The purpose of creating these pages is to convert visitors into customers.

How to Create a Seasonal Landing Page?

Seasonal landing pages are strong marketing tools for your business. Here are some useful tips to create a compelling landing page in WordPress development:

  • Provide a Seasonal Look to Your Landing Page

It is quite obvious, but worth mentioning. Choose the right seasonal colors and images for your landing pages to specify that you are promoting a special holiday offer. For instance, if you are promoting a special offer on Christmas, you can utilize a combination of green and red along with Christmas decorations.

  • Make Holiday Promotions Prominent

People are always in search for the best deal. In fact, 88% of shoppers utilize coupons for shopping. You can lure price-conscious shoppers with tempting deals and offers on your landing page during the holiday season.

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  • Create Limited-Time Offers

Make sure that your landing page creates a sense of urgency amongst the people and compels them to take an action. You can use a countdown timer to create a limited-time offer. If you will utilize the 35% of the website with WordPress as a main platform, you will get many plugins to install. One plugin is HurryTimer that is best for creating unique countdown timers for the landing pages.


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  • Write a Compelling CTA

For enticing more visitors to purchase, you should include a compelling CTA or call to action. Choose an image or a line wisely that prompts the users to initiate an action. Examples for the attractive CTA include signing up for a free trial, subscribing to a newsletter, or making a purchase.

  • Provide Additional Resources

One way to make your brand stand out is to offer additional resources. For instance, you can add detailed shopping guides, curated collections, and many more. You can create a channel on YouTube and add videos to it for reaching out to more holiday shoppers.


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